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SCAR-ed For Life
Collection by: Light Under Dark
This collection contains all of my SCAR varients. After about 30 people asking me to upload them I have finally broke and done just that. Please be aware that stats may change as time goes on and updates role out. Guns may also be removed if they are clai...
Overly Expensive Home Electronics that Kill
Collection by: Gameassassin1020
Yes, you can now shoot bullets with a phone or tablet or your laptop. Need I say more.(Oh it cost tons of dough) (Not really)
Gamer + School
Collection by: KokonutLP
The Complete Gamer Set
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Collection by: ☠Emperor Doom☠
Can't stop these radical dudes The secret of the ooze made the chosen few Emerge from the shadows to make their move The good guys win and the bad guys lose
assault rifle collection
Collection by: [GCTDMR]hisczaacques
it's the same gun with different modifications to become a sniper,a smg,a lmg...
[RΑγЄn] Gun & Skin
Collection by: AraMacaw
Collection spécial de la team RΑγЄn pour nos joueurs et pour les visiteurs :D
My Guns :)
Collection by: CoreyG
Its All The Guns I Have Made
My Maps/Prefabs
Collection by: CoreyG
Its All The Maps And Prefabs I've Made
Lord General Tomagotchi's Halo Weapons
Collection by: Lord Tomagotchi
Just a collection of HALO weapons I make on my spare time. Feel free to comment with suggestions and requests!
Weapons in disguise
Collection by: SimpleBeings
Ever wanted to have a gun in disguise? like a Chicken that fires rockets out its mouth or a camera that will blow your freinds face off? If so then this is the Guncraft collection for you!, all guns made by me...
Netkats Guncraft Collection. Prefabs and guns edition.
Collection by: -=SnE=- Netkat
A collection of Guns and prefabs for Guncraft. Maps to be included later!
Maximosa's content pack
Collection by: Maximosa
This is a compilatioin of various things that I have created in Guncraft. It includes a variety of weapons that are meant to suit most playstyles that are available. It will also include a few maps and skins at a later date. The maps will be set up to w...
The CnC Collection: Nod Edition
Collection by: Don Trump 4
Want to play chess with Kane, blow up villages, and fire nuclear missiles, but don't have the time/patience/miscellanous reason to build the base? This Nod Prefab set will set you down the path to the noble rank of base commander! I release these prefa...
Collection by: Jack_Spade
Base of fire/anti-armor class goes where the fighting is thickest. Soldier class, Architect Bonus. Carries a medkit and gunk grenades. Killstreaks: Javelin missile, Helicopter, Tank
Headless Headshot(item set)
Collection by: Chainsaw Joe's discount surgery
Play as a creature from my twisted imagination! (wouldn't let me add to the old one)
Ablockalypse Soldier Classes and Prefabs
Collection by: Jack_Spade
Some classes and prefabs sharing a common theme. Enjoy.
Collection by: Jack_Spade
Causes chaos in enemy territory, preferably at close range. Demolitionist class, Miner bonus. Carries C4 and the gunk grenade. Killstreaks: Radar jammer, AI Turret, Megablox suit.
Shock Trooper
Collection by: Jack_Spade
Covers the battlefield quickly and sets up prefabricated defenses at choke points. Scout class, Architect bonus. Carries frag grenades and gunk grenades. Secondary weapon is the Hookshot. Killstreaks: Manned turret, Passenger bike, AI SAM site
Collection by: Jack_Spade
Anti-infantry specialist specializing in stealth and marksmanship. Ninja class, Carpenter bonus. Carries bouncing betties and gunk grenades. Killstreaks: Predator mode, Jetpack, Hover drone
NaathaaN's weapons
Collection by: NaathaaN
Ceci est une collection de mes meilleurs armes et de ma seule map . C' est aussi ma première collection , donc j'espère qu'elle vous plaira.
made by France
Collection by: [GCTDMR]hisczaacques
Collection by: Jack_Spade
Counter-sniper who airdrops into enemy territory to coordinate airstrikes. Scout class, Carpenter bonus Carries the hookshot as a secondary, and the sticky and gunk grenades. Killstreaks: Bunker buster, Pandora's box, AC-1337
My Melle weapons
Collection by: [THEHAXs] AJM
Some Swords and axes and knifes and some other melle stuff like a bucher knife :3 General melle weapons (only made by Me)
Guns By FreMeX
Collection by: FreMeX
оржки оружки оружки и только
The white gold pack
Collection by: [RED] Redcorpian
The white gold pack is a group of items in which have both melee and gun modes. They are made out of the strongest material to date (sorry, not even impervium or diamonds or quartzed diamond is better than this!) This metal is called, obviously, white gol...
GunCraft Weapons, Skins 'n Prefabs
Collection by: TEEM ROKIT |LAB|
This is just a collection of what i find to be some of the best items in GunCraft.
Frozen Fleet: Guncraft
Collection by: Captain Frosty
My collection of Guncraft workshop items for you to enjoy!
Banana Bow set
Collection by: JBarfilms
This set of bows focus on loud noise and fast fire rate so you can fire till the cows come home or die by the bullets you're blindly firing...
B3rG9's map pack
Collection by: B3rG9
Some maps I made :)
Guncraft weapons
Collection by: slugbrain1000
good guns
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