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Collection by: Redhawk
RWBY items for guncraft
Xxa's AK 47 Mod collection
Collection by: Xxa
My varients of the world famous AK47
Weapons in disguise
Collection by: SimpleBeings
Ever wanted to have a gun in disguise? like a Chicken that fires rockets out its mouth or a camera that will blow your freinds face off? If so then this is the Guncraft collection for you!, all guns made by me...
Toxic's Realism Set #1
Collection by: cash money dollar money
This is a set of my first realism weapons.
Duck Gear
Collection by: Thorsin
This is the collection of Gear for members of Clan_of_The_Duck. This includes skins, weapons, and prefabs.
'(C) The X-Team' Outsourced Guns
Collection by: The X-Team
Buffdaddy's Maps
Collection by: Buffdaddy
A frequently updated collection of all the maps I've created - outside the official game maps, anyway :P
Official Team Fortress 2 Gunsmithing Pack
Collection by: Exato Game Studios
This official collection of Team Fortress 2 guns are officially sanctioned by the TF2 team at Valve (<3). There will be one more addition to this collection later this month that will include the Lollichop, Bonesaw, Wrench, and Bat. We'll let you ponder w...
Concrete City (Snow detailing for use with Tundra)
Collection by: [Phantom] Irontaxi
Series of Buildings and Accesory prefabs which will let you quickly create a pretty in depth city map. All of the multipiece components should be modular and fit together in series. There may be some offsets which need correcting so please let me know...
GunCraft Weapons, Skins 'n Prefabs
Collection by: TEEM ROKIT |LAB|
This is just a collection of what i find to be some of the best items in GunCraft.
Guncraft: Combat Evolved
Collection by: Navonod Rethgualed, The Dalek
Halo fans, this is the collection you've been waiting for! Pick up an assault rifle and Shoot some robot spiders, the boss way! Got a weapon from the Halo Series, Contact me througth the comments to get it in the collection (I didn't make most of th...
Best Of Guncraft
Collection by: boxesofordin
This is what I consider to be the highest quality workshop items to come from Guncraft.
Under-Appreciated Pokemon
Collection by: Doctor Splicer
My collection of Guncraft skins that represent under-appreciated pokemon...In tuxedos of course.
AntoTheFox's stuff!
Collection by: "Anto" Je rêve d'une banque...
In this collection there is all my weapons, my skins and my maps I made and I published on the Workshop. Hope you will like my stuff :p
Left 4 Dead
Collection by: LuChOgRoX
Colección de l4d para guncraft
Guncraft weapons
Collection by: slugbrain1000
good guns
B3rG9's map pack
Collection by: B3rG9
Some maps I made :)
B3rG9's Guns
Collection by: B3rG9
This is some of my weapons. not the best of course, but they work very well in battle anyway :D
Frozen Fleet: Guncraft
Collection by: Captain Frosty
My collection of Guncraft workshop items for you to enjoy!
Banana Bow set
Collection by: Kwazidilla
This set of bows focus on loud noise and fast fire rate so you can fire till the cows come home or die by the bullets you're blindly firing...
SCAR-ed For Life
Collection by: Yil-geh-meesh
This collection contains all of my SCAR varients. After about 30 people asking me to upload them I have finally broke and done just that. Please be aware that stats may change as time goes on and updates role out. Guns may also be removed if they are clai...
CrashMan054's Guncraft Arsenal
Collection by: [PHX]CrashMan054
A collection of my Guncraft workshop items!
Merlock's Guns
Collection by: Merlock
Overly Expensive Home Electronics that Kill
Collection by: Gameassassin420
Yes, you can now shoot bullets with a phone or tablet or your laptop. Need I say more.(Oh it cost tons of dough) (Not really)
Petyr Baelish Workshop
Collection by: Petyr Baelish
At first I want to say sorry for my bad Englisch I´m form Germany. Welcome to my Gun, Skin, Prefab and Map Collection. I mixed it up from my former Collection and a few other "mods". Look around and subscribe to something you like please also write a c...
Amazing Map Pack
Collection by: NameGuy
The highist action maps on the Steam work shop! All here in one nice neat pack! Enjoy these maps on your server, giving the game a whole new inteanse fell that you've never expenrected before! This pack is updated weekly insureing that you get the best co...
Team Fortress 2 Skin Pack!
Collection by: Exato Game Studios
This full set of epic TF2 skins was officially sanctioned by the TF2 team at Valve to promote the release of Steam Workshop for Guncraft. Grab the full set and rock your favorite class from the critically aclaimed Team Fortress 2, now in Guncraft!
Navonods Epic Weapons Collection
Collection by: Navonod Rethgualed, The Dalek
An Epicly Awesome pack of My guns and other cool guns I've found
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