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Model guns
Collection by Lemon_Lemertson
Larsen's firearms
Collection by Larsen
All my Guncraft firearms for easy access. Every firearm requires the soldier perk. If you don't use that perk, there won't be any spare clips. It does not apply for the knife(s) however.
FUN MAPS! Best with hookshot and radar disabled.
Collection by labiupset
Fun maps that play best without hookshot or radar enabled.
Collection by psuyipig_
AK Collection (and derivates)
Collection by Hisczaacques
hey guys, in this collection , you will find all kalashnikovs and all it's derivates
Collection by JackInTheBox
Collection by Tempur
Guncraft Collection
Collection by I Yell At People
Guncraft Mods and Maps/Guns
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