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Combat Engineer
Collection by: Jack_Spade
The Combat Engineer focuses mainly on piloting vehicles and destroying enemy fortifications, but he also carries a shotgun that fires both flechette and breaching rounds. Not as mobile as the frontline troops. Demolitionist class, Miner bonus, C4 Primar...
my guncraft stuff
Collection by: TDOG421cc
just some thing i use for guncraft.
The white gold pack
Collection by: Redcorpian
The white gold pack is a group of items in which have both melee and gun modes. They are made out of the strongest material to date (sorry, not even impervium or diamonds or quartzed diamond is better than this!) This metal is called, obviously, white gol...
GunCraft Weapons, Skins 'n Prefabs
Collection by: TEEM ROKIT |LAB|
This is just a collection of what i find to be some of the best items in GunCraft.
ww2 german pack
Collection by: [GGF]hisczaacques
un pack contenant un kar 98 , un mp40 et 44 et un c96 voilà et bon jeu
ww2 american pack
Collection by: [GGF]hisczaacques
-un pack ww2 américain avec un bonus, le colt m1911 modernisé avec silencieux,laser et viseur point rouge
My Guns
Collection by: Megalolface123
Optican Armaments
Collection by: Ahael
This a Collection of weapons and (soon to be) skins based around the fictional society of Optica which was thought up by me. I'm going for a high-tech feel with an emphasis on magnetic weapons and nanites, I hope to make a gun for each type of weapon and ...
Best guns
Collection by: miked112
A group of quality and overpowered :D guns.
Festive Guns
Collection by: CoreyG
All My Festive Guns!!
Guncraft Christmas
Collection by: Alex the Awesome
You will be getting stuff a bit stronger than NERF guns... Slot Instructions: The Sleigher: Primary Santa's Sidearm: Secondary Christmas Cutter: You know where... To Workshop Noobs: To get the weaponry press the subscribe button
scout ELITE's weapons
Collection by: scout 115
This is just a collection of guns I built
The CnC Collection: GDI Edition
Collection by: Don Trump 4
Want to be a GDI base commander, but don't have the time/patience/miscellanous reason? Here is all the GDI Structures and Significants you'll want to establish your ultimate base! *I allow use of these prefabs on the following conditions. 1: Any ...
The CnC Collection: Civilian Edition
Collection by: Don Trump 4
Want to play Pillage the Village, find help with Tiberium creation, or just want an neutral urban battle area, but don't have the time/patience/miscelanous reason? This collection is specifacally designed with those questions in mind! If you use these ...
XOBAGS06's Weapon Collection
Collection by: Xobags06
Just a collection of the guns I have made. I get many of my ideas from games I have been playing recently, for example I have been playing a lot of BF4 so I made the AK5C and U100.
Collection by: jmastroboy
Banana Bow set
Collection by: Kwazidilla
This set of bows focus on loud noise and fast fire rate so you can fire till the cows come home or die by the bullets you're blindly firing...
Frozen Fleet: Guncraft
Collection by: Captain Frosty
My collection of Guncraft workshop items for you to enjoy!
B3rG9's Guns
Collection by: B3rG9
This is some of my weapons. not the best of course, but they work very well in battle anyway :D
B3rG9's map pack
Collection by: B3rG9
Some maps I made :)
Guncraft weapons
Collection by: slugbrain1000
good guns
Map Creation pack
Collection by: Redhawk
This is my first map creation pack. And now you guys wonder: what is this Map Creation pack? well heres the answere: this creation pack is a collection of prefabs that u simply can use to put together a map :) and later more prefabs and pack's ...
DonTrump4's Unconventional Warfare Pack
Collection by: Don Trump 4
Pencils to Bibles to Flamethrowers and more, this gun pack contains all the weapons not commonly found in war. Looking for good stats coupled with unique weaponry? You came to the right place.
OC's collection of handcrafted guns
Collection by: fireandsteel
This is a collection of all the guns i have handcrafted for the guncraft community i hope you enjoy using them as much as i enjoyed making them :)
Ziao's Map Pack 1
Collection by: TheBrilliantTreeSpoy -=Pyrost=-
A pack of my first maps.
Under-Appreciated Pokemon
Collection by: Doctor Splicer
My collection of Guncraft skins that represent under-appreciated pokemon...In tuxedos of course.
Xxa's AK 47 Mod collection
Collection by: Xxa
My varients of the world famous AK47
'(C) The X-Team' Outsourced Guns
Collection by: The X-Team
Team Fortress 2 Misc Weapons Pack
Collection by: Overdrive
Weapons the Offical TF2 Weapons Pack lacks. Be sure to post comments on weapons you want to see and enjoy!
Jack's gun pack
Collection by: JackWool8
My collection of AWSOME guns!
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