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Amazing Map Pack
Collection by NameGuy
The highist action maps on the Steam work shop! All here in one nice neat pack! Enjoy these maps on your server, giving the game a whole new inteanse fell that you've never expenrected before! This pack is updated weekly insureing that you get the best co...
Best Of Guncraft
Collection by boxesofordin
This is what I consider to be the highest quality workshop items to come from Guncraft.
Trigun Pack - WolfWood
Collection by Vyvyn
This pack includes all you need to play as Nicholas D. Wolfwood from the Anime series TRIGUN! Includes the skin, And the Cross Punisher (Two versions: The rocket launcher and machinegun variants!)
Collection by [L.C.S.] Petyr Baelish
For all Dragon slayers and Sweet Roll Bandits out there here is your right place! You don`t have to worry about an arrow to the knee because I promise you nobody would shot one at you! :)
The CS:GO Collection
Collection by Lt. French Fries
This is a collection of different guns I made based on CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) gun skins. Most guns in this collections are the really good-looking and/or expensive ones in CS:GO. Don't forget to Rate, Favorite and Share them all!
american soldier pack
Collection by Hisczaacques
cette collection regroupe toutes les armes utilisée par l'armée américaines / the collection is the group of guns used by american army
Nexus 3X SMG
Collection by Count Petrus the Spammer
Redcorp vs Greencorp
Collection by [Metric] Redcorp
Redcorpian's Greencorp vs Redcorp collection! the collection of guns that are used by Redcorp's soldiers around the world.
Red dead
Collection by RexX51
kill them all
Toxic's Realism Set #1
Collection by ichy boo sack
This is a set of my first realism weapons.
Collection by Redhawk
RWBY items for guncraft
GC-1 Sniper kit
Collection by Redhawk
GC-1 Sniper kit is a guncraft sniper package complete with a sniper and a ghillie suit :D
CrashMan054's Guncraft Arsenal
Collection by CrashMan054
A collection of my Guncraft workshop items!
NaathaaN's weapons
Collection by [GGF]NaathaaN
Ceci est une collection de mes meilleurs armes et de ma seule map . C' est aussi ma première collection , donc j'espère qu'elle vous plaira.
My Guns :)
Collection by CoreyG
Its All The Guns I Have Made
My Maps/Prefabs
Collection by CoreyG
Its All The Maps And Prefabs I've Made
assault rifle collection
Collection by Hisczaacques
it's the same gun with different modifications to become a sniper,a smg,a lmg...
Netkats Guncraft Collection. Prefabs and guns edition.
Collection by -=AkL=- Netkat >^,^<
A collection of Guns and prefabs for Guncraft. Maps to be included later!
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