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The Incredible Machine 3 Contraptions
Collection by Totally Swank
This is my attempt at rebuilding the puzzles & contraptions found in The Incredible Machine 3. I'll do my best to recreate replicas from the original game, but I imagine there will be times where some tweaking will be required. As I'm writing this, the ga...
Collection by StrangeLittleMan
A collection of my own creations. Nothing special... yet xD Please comment on any puzzles being broken, confusing or just plain bad. Also keep in mind the game is still under development and some puzzles may stop working when the game updates. As o...
Collection by aztimh
Recreating the levels from The Incredible Machine and The Even More Incredible Machine. Some are not possible with the new physics of conveyor belts and lack of gravity/air pressure options at present. I'm trying my best to represent the puzzles fro...
The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions ports
Collection by m.fckng.nvncbl
A collection of puzzles based on contraptions from The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions. I did my best to recreate them in Contraption Maker. Obviously, since CM uses much more advanced physics simulation, the puzzles won't look and act exactly ...
Makies's Okami's Easy Puzzles
Collection by Makies Okami
A collection of my Easy ranked puzzles for beginners to learn how certain parts work and even some tricks you could do with various parts. Finished every Easy Puzzle from the Official list of puzzles? This collection will provide you more fun. this ...
user made
Collection by sirkai007
The Best of Contraption Maker
Collection by MajorPecan
Just a collection of very cool and/or nostalgic puzzles.
Collection by duenisch
Collection by JoMa
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