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Collection by zrhallock
Steam Collection
Collection by Sneer10
Contraptions and puzzles!
My Contraption Maker workshop junk.
Collection by C:\NOM.EXE
All my workshop junk no one likes.
My Contraptions
Collection by MrStewie64
Contraptions made by Me in Contraption Maker.
Micro-Puzzle Collection
Collection by Awesome Yoshi Man!
A series of smaller-than-average puzzles. Good for those with limited time on their hands!
Collection by aztimh
Recreating the levels from The Incredible Machine and The Even More Incredible Machine. Some are not possible with the new physics of conveyor belts and lack of gravity/air pressure options at present. I'm trying my best to represent the puzzles fro...
The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions ports
Collection by Spotty McBumblefuck
A collection of puzzles based on contraptions from The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions. I did my best to recreate them in Contraption Maker. Obviously, since CM uses much more advanced physics simulation, the puzzles won't look and act exactly ...
Laser Challenge Puzzles
Collection by mhorton604
Each of these puzzles include lasers and are designed to be challenging.
Collection by JoMa
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