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The Tetrobot Company is recruiting!
We are looking for inventors to create, share and test new robots thanks to our nano level editor. Job opened to everyone, no experience needed. Skills in mechanic, chemistry and puzzles appreciated.
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Mini puzzles by Anarchymedes
Collection by Anarchymedes
The collection of my experiments. Just for fun :)
Tetrobot and Co. - Tiny Gears
Collection by Captain Will
Tiny Gears is a collection of small levels created by the main level designer of Tetrobot and Co.
Easy Levels
Collection by Pilou
If you have any problem with those levels, ragequit this game forever !
Collection by Atlas_The_Bot
It's a bot created by Rostislav. But it's broken. Six levels with puzzles. Try it!
Collection by Pilou
Here he is. The successor of Psychobot, Fastbot ! He's ... fast (of course) but he's also a really clever robot ! Try those maps and leave a comment, please !
Kaede's favorites
Collection by Kaede
Collection by Voomby
Any levels I create for Tetrobot & Co. will appear here.
My Tetrobot and Co. Level set
Collection by aronpuzzle
Medium Levels
Collection by Pilou
Now, you have the right to ask questions if you have difficulties... or not !
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