Audiosurf 2
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Customize everything you hear, everything you see, and even the way you play. Choose a song, choose a mod, and choose a skin. Mix and Match!
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Monstercat Skin Collection
Collection by: Dr.Chimp
saw no collection of these awesome skins so i thought id make one for all :D
Collection by: Flapjackfizz7
this collection is out standing
Audacious Skins
Collection by: daytonaturbo03
Collection by: FancySammich
this is interesting because i think its interesting.
Clash Collection
Collection by: iTurret
My Audiosurf 2 collection
Collection by: [Fug] The Ducktor (MexicanDemo)
Just some stuff 4 audiosurf 2 I Thought was cool.
ShatteredOmega's Side-Scrollers
Collection by: ShatteredOmega
2-D Audiosurf Modifications created by ShatteredOmega. More to be added to this collection as they are created..
Audiosurf 2 skins
Collection by: KaSlaps
Mono Legend Collection
Collection by: Kaon
Mono Legend/Mono Legend Lite Mod plus Classic Sky Skin as seen here:
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