Audiosurf 2
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Customize everything you hear, everything you see, and even the way you play. Choose a song, choose a mod, and choose a skin. Mix and Match!
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Asu's Audiosurf 2 Skin Collection
Collection by huh
Welcome to my Audiosurf 2 Skin Collection. I dump all my favorite skins here. The two major things I judge by: - Clarity/Polish - Originality I really wasn't happy with the standard skins the game came with. Stadium looked really unpolished and ...
My Personal Collection
Collection by Murasaki no Yoru
Just anything that I think would make the game more fun because of the way it looks etc.
Audiosurf 2 Skins & Modes That Aren't God Aweful.
Collection by Moonstone
All the good stuff that's burried in a mountain of unplayable garbage. Ordering of skins is by most playable (good for score) to least playable but pretty, though most of the drives are pretty playable even with the temporary blindness they cause. Mor...
Greg collection 1
Collection by Nero II
AS2 Skin Collection
Collection by OniZetto66
Best skins for AudioSurf 2!
Audiosurf 2
Collection by Чистая Daring Do
AS2 Collection
Collection by Metal Kitty
My AS2 collection
Clash Collection
Collection by Getoutbichin
Collection by Fancy Sammich
this is interesting because i think its interesting.
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