Audiosurf 2
Mod your music
Customize everything you hear, everything you see, and even the way you play. Choose a song, choose a mod, and choose a skin. Mix and Match!
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Skin Mods
Collection by: enchantress is my waifu
A collection for the skins the community has made.
Vegas pack
Collection by: From Russia
There are "Vegas" mode and "Joker" skin for the "Vegas" mode
AS-Portal pack
Collection by: From Russia
Everything you need to play it as Portal
Audiosurf 2 Collection
Collection by: metalgearfan1983
A collection of skins made by the community for Audiosurf 2!
F-Zero collections
Collection by: Aelita Stones
This collection will eventually house all of the craft from F-Zero GX! (I do not claim any ownership of F-Zero, I am just a fan with some 3D modeling experience)
Mods of Innovation
Collection by: thelarchmage
These mods drastically change the way you play Audiosurf 2. Mods in this collection required substantial modifications to the vanilla code, sometimes requiring large sections of brand new code. These mods show the future potential for Audiosurf 2 Modding....
Mono (Classic)
Collection by: Alias |UKCS| MvM?
A pack containing classic mono modes recreated for audiosurf 2. For people who dont like the new mono modes and rather have a classic playstyle. Mono Casual: Hit colors, dodge greys. A relaxed ride Mono Pro: Hit colors, dodge greys. Left click t...
Audacious Skins
Collection by: daytonaturbo03
Collection by: Flapjackfizz7
this collection is out standing
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