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Welcome Soldiers to the Worms Workshop! Create and share custom items and landscapes. Download content created by others, or click here for details on using the editor to create your own awesome wormy content to share with the community.
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Worms Clan Wars Stuff
Collection by Sensai-Mostache
clan butts
Collection by Pepper
Collection by Benyasha
TommyAtkins' Hat Pack
Collection by TommyAtkins
A collection of maps I've made for Hat Films! Worms: Clan Wars is my favourite series of theirs and I want to make sure it continues with an interesting group of maps, something most of the workshop couldn't keep up with very well... if at all...
Collection by Star-Lord
Tits Mcgee
Collection by Dahlia
Collection by Knut
cLen plz
Collection by Fedge Gunkhaus
Symmetry Shapes
Collection by PowerPlug
A collection of Worms Clan Wars maps made by PowerPlug using the mirror tool, the whole map is symmetrical apart from the worms spawn points (on some maps). Some maps have symmetrical everything while others are only symmetrical by the way the map looks. ...
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