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Welcome Soldiers to the Worms Workshop! Create and share custom items and landscapes. Download content created by others, or click here for details on using the editor to create your own awesome wormy content to share with the community.
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Worms Star Wars
Collection by: Abramoff
Hats and trinkets from Star Wars theme / Шапки и прочие безделушки на тему Star Wars "May the Force be with you" / "Да пребудет с вами сила!"
Collection by: BongMong
The Doctor is in! An elite team of our operatives, collectively known as Wormwood, has been gathering advanced alien technology for use against the enemy, WHOever they may be... (Rumor has it that Queen Victoria was on an Absinthe kick when she formed the...
Collection by: Yseune
just a couple of maps. simple as that
Worms Armageddon Soundbanks
Collection by: Star and Moon
Soundbanks from Worms Armageddon, all in this fancy package for your convinience! Thanks to Floppy Chicken for porting some of these!
Collection by: MrKat7214 [FRICKIN' EVIL]
These national (and not only!) flags can be used to anyone who knows where are you come, or simply what nationality your team of worms come.
"Worms 4 Mayhem" Items
Collection by: $G
A collection of items (only hats for now), taken from W4M.
worms maps
Collection by: dangeloariel10
todo los los mapas
Collection by: FrenchyPoP
Normal Maps Pack
Collection by: Jordan.17
Tired of repeating? trying to change the map, but they still all look the same? try this collecion of normal, simple maps If you like this collection, please subscirbe and share, like whatever, so more people know about it ;)
1st worms collection
Collection by: AwesomeSuperStableGuy
Worms Clan Wars
Collection by: PokemonTrainer (LOL)
Banco de sonidos Español
Collection by: hdrender
Banco de sonidos en español
Fallout Related items
Collection by: Iceman2343
A collection of Fallout (the game series) related items for Worms Clan Wars. All these items are NOT mine, unless other wise noted.
Collection by: Abramoff
Helmets from Titanfall
Collection by: Superglitch
Flingfacegaming's worms map pack
Collection by: FlyingFaceGaming
Have a fun pack of maps made by me!
All Worms Armageddon Soundbanks
Collection by: Mati Blaster
This is ALL Soundbanks from classic Worms Armageddon game for Worms Clan Wars. You miss Worms Armageddon? No problem. Download your favourite soundbanks from classic Worms game!
Special (Day) Content
Collection by: MrKat7214 [FRICKIN' EVIL]
From Halloween & Christmas to Valentines Day & Worms Birthday. (Mostly there are hats, but I think soon there will be Speechbanks and Landscapes with these and other special days)
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