Prison Architect
Which side do you sit on?
Brutal Punishment or noble attempts to reform? From the Panopticon to the Supermax, this is your chance to publish or subscribe to the best prisons from the Architect community.
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Prison Architect
Collection by: SMC986
Prison Architect Stuff
Prison Camps
Collection by: L4fngM4n
This is a collection of my prison camp concepts. I'm working with "open" environments. All submissions will be in various stats of completions. And as always "Happy Incarcerating!"
Efficient Prisons
Collection by: mcfawk
These 2 prisons are made to be secure and make money. 1 Small Map 1 Medium Map Enjoy!
Faster than Light
Collection by: theHword
A collection of FTL based ship layouts for Prison Architect. I made some of these but I've also included Provelt, jjsfw, 111none and Ser William's great designs.
Collection by: xBlubbs
Hacked Prisons
Collection by: [GM]>ara_overlord
A collection of hacked prisons- IE ones with $1 billion.
Prisons By: EHGILLES01
Collection by: EHGILLES01
Some prison's that i have put together- ENJOY!
Prison creations of mine
Collection by: Slend[HEOR]
This includes ALL of my prison architect things i put up.This is also the collection for the Diablous prison.So you can keep up to date! I think i may take request to build prisons.But be noted i cant make circle prisons,I will try my best though.(So this...
Working Prison Map with 82x200 Size
Collection by: Lunarius
I had build a customsized Map for it with 82x200 size. Continuous intake is false and fog is true. Also the Space right of the street is reduced. No other changes Made so far. Still working on the Map. At the Moment the Street is ending before the end...
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