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Brutal Punishment or noble attempts to reform? From the Panopticon to the Supermax, this is your chance to publish or subscribe to the best prisons from the Architect community.
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Guard Weapons : Dog Handlers, Armed Guards, and Guards
Collection by: Begkna
This is my collection full of weapons for guards, armed guards, and dog handlers. From Forks to Mac10s, I gathered weapons that I thought were more conventional. Only apply ONE at a time for each guard type. Some of these guns require a basemod to ins...
My best prisons based on each other
Collection by: Milb3
This collection will contain all of my best prisons. I start this collection with my prison "Ironfort". Next up is called "Silverfort" and is based on "Ironfort". This means i will sell my prison to build the next one with a greater startcapital and try t...
Game Tweaks
Collection by: RlyDontKnow
Set of small non-invasive mods that apply minor tweaks and enable workarounds for common bugs to improve your overall experience. All mods are independent of each other and can be enabled/disabled depending on whether you'd like to use the specific tweak...
Prison Designs by Ric666
Collection by: Ric666
All my prison designs that I feel are worthy of being shared will be added to this collection. I'll add more as we progress through the stages of alpha & onto release. Hope you enjoy :)
Prison Architect Mods auf Deutsch
Collection by: Smodd
Hier findet ihr alle meine Übersetzungen für Prison Architect :-)
Prisoners of War
Collection by: Mr Krabs
Room Icons
Collection by: Jasper
In my mod, I added room icons for many popular mods. Here are all the mods I added room icons for. Note: Even activating only one of the supported mods still works, you don't need to activate all!
The Bastard's Starter Prisons
Collection by: The Bastard
The Bastard's Starter Prisons Starter Prison: -fully functioning prison ready to be upgraded to cell blocks -happy prisoners -$10k+/day income Starter Prison 2: -design based off starter prison -purposely designed with defects that the user mus...
My P.A. Mods
Collection by: {=Corrosion=}
A place to find all of my mods
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