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Discover and download free player-created content for your game. Or, share your own with the community. Includes League & Data Updates, Challenges, Views, Filters, Tactics, Shortlists, Match Plans, Versus Mode Teams, Skins, Facepacks, Logos and Custom Database Options.
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21st Century Legends (Click here for Download Instructions)
Collection by: WALTON1981
This is a collection of the best players from the last 12 years recreated as 18 year old wonderkids available on free transfers. Countries Completed So Far: Italy Spain Portugal France Germany Austria Switzerland England Please let me know...
FM14 action facepacks
Collection by: Henry's Cat
Follow the link in this post to download these high quality facepacks. English PL, Championship & League One, French L1, Spanish BBVA & Segunda, German Bundesliga 1 & 2, Italian Serie A & B, Scottish PL, South American teams and European competition te...
Escudos de clus, selecciones y ligas
Collection by: xinpun
Funcionan juntos y es muy muy completo. Escudos hasta de clubes de categorias inferiores.Para ellos teneis que: 1) Subscribirse 2) Ir al FM2014 3) Darle a "Descargas" 4) workshop 5) Instalar cada paquete 6) Ir a "Preferencias" que esta en la pagin...
SS Kits League Packs for 2013/14 by hammer9 and other for FM14
Collection by: H&mm3r9
Our SS kits 2013/14 packs so far.... by hammer9 and other. from FM View and Sortitoutsi forum.
Club Logos
Collection by: JFeetzz
This is the location where if I do choose to create any further logo packs for Football Manager 2014, they will be situated.
DazS8 Graphics
Collection by: DazS8
Skin & Views for Scorpio Skin by DazS8
Collection by: Passion4FootballManager
Download Tactics, custom databases, league and transfer updates, challenges, shortlists, search filters and other Football Manager 2014 content created by Passion4FootballManager
FIFA World League Versions
Collection by: afilmforthefuture
A collection of all uploaded versions of the FIFA World League. Info about latest version... 21 Divisions 599 Teams (every team in the world with a reputation above 5000) 3 Cups Teams are sorted into divisions purely by reputation. There are 20...
FM2014 Essentials
Collection by: beru04
A quick collection of essential additions which improve the game. NOTE: This collection does not include shortlists, only the look of the game and the ease of finding things.
Match Highlight Adaptive Skins
Collection by: michaeltmurrayuk
Like FM13 the match screen we have in Football Manager 2014 is a hybrid TV-Classic view mode where again if there are no hightlights you are left on the pitch view instead of switching back to the last panel you were on, where we are left with a small pop...
Base Skins
Collection by: michaeltmurrayuk
Base Skins for Football Manager 2014 As with most recent Football Managers for you to make certain changes in Football Manager 2014 you need to create a new skin. So to make things easier for people I've put up some base skins that are identical to ...
FM-Brasil Downloads
Collection by: Max Aveiro
Coleção oficial do FM-Brasil, o principal fórum brasileiro de Football Manager! Acompanhem todos os lançamentos, em diversas áreas. Conheça também o FMB! O Melhor do Football Manager, em um só lugar!
Collection by: steven1johnston
4-2-3-1 Tactics
Collection by: Banditoss
The FMFormation
Collection by: Alberto
A collection of all the files brought to you by myself and other members of There will be various different types of files such as League & Data Updates, Challenges, Views, Filters, Tactics, Shortlists, Match Plans, Versus Mode Team...
editor data
Collection by: IffyTea
Collection by: samjones500
Liverpool Mods
Collection by: Backseatsman ⇋HG-A⇌ #bday tomoz
Collection of my Liverpool mods
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