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Coh 2
Collection by: ~*~ Cryx
Gamewarriors CoH2
Collection by: Flak
Maps i use
Collection by: ĐĒÅŦĦŜPĪŦŦĒЯ_4ФЌ
SB CoH2 Maps
Collection by: fastbow
SB CoH2 Map Collection
Mp privat
Collection by: Nachoman
Super Favorites
Collection by: fffidle
A collection of my all time favorite and cool maps
Choke Em
Collection by: HiRT
A collection of maps with Bridges and Choke Points
Collection by: MRossettiPQ
Coleção criada para os membros do clan baixarem os mapas para as partidas
COH map pack
Collection by: [MPW] gty14
Bunch of awesome maps from COH1 and other games. Enjoy
Collection by: Ickie_Stickie|Mick
Company Of Heroes 2 maps from the Workshop
Collection by: Ickie_Stickie|Mick
Company Of Heroes 2 maps from the Workshop
Sushy Kollektion
Collection by: *=dBk=*SupASushy
HUHU für alle Leute die Zocken wollen! Ich zocke mit Freunden meistenz gegen die CPU, daher ist die Kartenauswahl eher mit hohem POPCAP und vielen RESoursen!!!! Add me to play COH 2!!!!!
Melhores Mapas da Oficina
Collection by: M1911
Os melhores mapas disponibilizados para download na Oficina, incluindo replicas dos mapas de Company of Heroes e mapas personalizados.
Collection by: 7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡╬ξrร
CoH2 maps
Collection by: warrblade
CoH maps 4 friends
dank memes collexshun
Collection by: Ď∑ㄕレ∑₮∑∂
Collection by: Tanoy
CoH2 Large Pop Cap Maps
Collection by: Edward Liu
Collection by: elbuitre92
collection of workshop's best maps
Collection by: Piotr01234
Just maps. Most of the maps have some kind of choke point.
Forest Maps
Collection by: Peggo
My forest maps. Meine Wald Karten.
Collection by: N7 Shepard EA
No Comment ..
last battle at the scheldt
Collection by: (FOG)Michael Von Clausewitz
defend the german Deutsch Dritten Reich
Company of heroes
Collection by: No FEAr 4 FRii
CoH2 Stuff
Collection by: Darm
For Fun
Collection by: LordofHash
T´s Collection
Collection by: [PSF]One Eye Blind
Primär für die eigene Truppe zum abendlichen Daddeln im kleinen Kreis
mYm | coh2
Collection by: s[R]g Markezzz
Fragg's Mapping Funhouse
Collection by: [22M]Dr.Fragg
Company of Heroes 2 : My Winter Collection
Collection by: mirorx
Maps that i like and recommend, I picked a few maps i liked the most, both goodlooking and fun to play. I hope you like the collection i put together. NOTE: I have nothing to do with these maps, all credits goes to the mapmakers.
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