Company of Heroes 2
The War continues with YOUR map
Maps, maps everywhere! Take a look through the Workshop to find the best new community-made content. Want to put your own map-making skills to the test? Open up the World Builder and create your own! Take a look at this nifty World Builder Guide to get started.
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Collection by: Frizno 1./750
CoH2 Large Pop Cap Maps
Collection by: Edward Liu
GTP /// German Team Players
Collection by: [GTP] Alexet
Die offizielle German Team Players (GTP) Kollektion Viel Spaß wünscht GTP
Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: DAVEHEZZY
These maps are some of my best maps and other peoples maps hope you like my choice of maps. They are all 8 player maps most have kill zones and are large maps. Some thing you need to know if you want to play custom maps. 1 To play a custom MP MAP wit...
Company Of Heroes Map Pack 1
Collection by: Shamefur Dispray
Just a bunch of maps
CoH 2 Map - By Elquattro
Collection by: Elquattro
All map created by me (Elquattro). Eastern Front CoH2 : Novorossiisk, Novorossiisk - BackHome (Beta), Belgrade (Beta), Perekop (Alpha). Weastern Front CoH2 : Bourgoin (Beta). Thanks for helps : Razofsky, pariah, TheDzierzanPL, MaxiKing6 Hi, i cr...
szikidani's Achievements Maps
Collection by: szikidani
Collection by: Sonic
features of famous armies
tanks on you elsa
Collection by: Sonic
transform and roll out free everything and new buildings and new units and faster building
Varios -Mods, maps, patchs and updates!
Collection by: Centolloman
Pues eso... cositas que recopilo que me interesan para los juegos que uso normalmente y que pueden ser de utilidad para otros. Un saludo a todos/as. ^^
Collection by: [TSE] ^pYrO^
Just a couple of maps that i like to play with my friends to beat up the AI
CronoRay's Master Map Collection
Collection by: [TF]Ferocious Ham
Hello everyone my name is CronoRay as knowing by on steam, and this is my humble map collection i have put some nice final touches on. I think it has come together niceley with alot of really high quality maps of different sizes and such. I only add ma...
Collection by: Code:Breaker 07 Rebrek
Russgerland FTW Paul stinkt nach Maggi.
bb4000up's - ex - MCAStealth's Collection
Collection by: bb4000up
This collection will consist of CoH(original) custom maps made by myself when I was in gaming clan known as MCA (Mortal Combat Australia). I've since left this clan and will be slowly upgrading my many maps which i had completed and which were still wip's...
Collection by: supermak
Mapas de COH2
Fav Maps
Collection by: purfus
Multiplayer maps
Collection by: JoRBanGR
Maps for friends
BP maps
Collection by: Brairn
Collection by: John
CoH2 - Player Maps
Collection by: Hugo Agogo
A collection of other people's talents.
CoH 2 Maps
Collection by: VeranKai
Custom maps created for Company of Heroes 2 by VeranKai
Fun Maps
Collection by: aaronkalkbrenner
Public mad maps
Collection by: ßloOdDeMöN
Collection by: Carl Sagan
Hand-picked community maps.
Collection by: spencerrtravis
Collection by: Waffle
Collection by: stijn.vierstraete
coh2 maps
Collection by: Crimson King
Boehlers Truhe
Collection by: Mr. Boehler
James plz
Collection by: MT-07
James please download these you idit boi
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