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Great Strategic Company of Heroes 2 Maps
Collection by: [E.FF] Thadwookie
These are a list of maps that i have selected for having a balanced fun play type. These are a list of maps that are a must have.
SB CoH2 mods
Collection by: -sb- spökraket
Mods made for Company of Heroes 2 by members of the Southern Boys clan.
RB33 Mappack
Collection by: OBh RB33
Maps I made. Includes: TrenchWar TrenchWar2 (Water/No water) Field2 WinterField2 (Snow and winter skins.) WinterField2S (Winter) TrenchWar3 TrenchWar3F (Fortified) TrenchWar3S (Winter) TrenchWar3W (Spring) TrenchWar3N (Night)
tanks on you elsa
Collection by: Sonic
transform and roll out free everything and new buildings and new units and faster building
Collection by: N7 Shepard EA
No Comment ..
CoH2 Large Pop Cap Maps
Collection by: Big Ed
Forest Maps
Collection by: Peggo
My forest maps. Meine Wald Karten.
Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: hausb2
Meine Maps für Company of Heroes 2 ( nicht historisch korekt ) My Maps for Company of Heroes 2 ( not Historial accurate )
Mp privat
Collection by: Nachoman
Egregious Company of Heroes 2 Maps (not created by us)
Collection by: [EGR] hecate900
These are the maps we all currently have in Egregious and play =D Note: WE DID NOT CREATE THESE MAPS..All credit goes to the originating creator (not any thieves...unless its better ;)
szikidani's Achievements Maps
Collection by: szikidani
Maps i use
Collection by: ĐĒÅŦĦŜPĪŦŦĒЯ_4ФЌ
SB CoH2 Maps
Collection by: fastbow
SB CoH2 Map Collection
Company of Heros 2 Multiplayer Maps
Collection by: Roushk
List of the best COH2 MP maps
Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: Razer.DeathAdder
Maps für Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: 00MasterCore00
Collection by: Luxembourgo.__(Rapapa'h)1ॐ
1º coleção steam
Collection by: Julelio
a title
Collection by: Faildzer
some maps. I didn't make em'.
Collection by: Ydar
Grizzly's Favorites
Collection by: Grizzly Goibniu
Maps that are for Mrs Boze and Way of Sub
Coh 2
Collection by: ~*~ Cryx
Gamewarriors CoH2
Collection by: Flak
Collection by: Tortuga
Collection by: Haystack Penguin
Collection by: Bongfucker666
Weche der Rückerei dann
Collection by: Sandy
Des isse dann, oder wie?
More Pop
Collection by: TheBird
Maps with more population points than normal.
COH map pack
Collection by: [MPW] gty14
Bunch of awesome maps from COH1 and other games. Enjoy
Another Bottle Neck Map
Collection by: RuskyD3807
Another Bottle Neck Map, This Is A Stratigic Map For Those Players Who Like To Grab Ground Hold Off The Opposition Then Push Forward And Take More Ground,
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