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ZMN - Colecciones
Collection by Nelson
Large maps for spearhead
Collection by JMWW2
Large maps for spearhead... Firstly this is purely my own choices/preferences as a fan of the spearhead mod so It does reflect none of the those of the dev team...morever my choices for the maps can be unrepresentativ/subjective compared to what you fi...
Collection by mammoth20
Collection by Dark_Style!
dream memes
Collection by [ATC!] blobenspiel=2098=
Collection by 张大神
Command & Conquer Decal-pack for Company of Heroes 2
Collection by TheMaster5025
All Decals work at All Factions
Company of heroes 2 maps
Collection by Andervall
HelpingHans CoH2 Collection
Collection by HelpingHans
A collection of the best CoH2 community content chosen by HelpingHans.
Collection by Miki_Sayaka0117
Company Of Tige
Collection by ☭ TRAVERS ☭
Collection by Chromatic331
tomek to
Collection by m14kill
For coop purposes
Collection by joep0721
My Coh2 Mods
Collection by 夕立
Collection by {NNS} Kazuto Eleros
Blood Brothers Co-op Series
Collection by Opulent Omega
The Blood Brothers series is a challenging and gripping series of cooperative maps that stimulate your gameplay with friends or strangers alike. Designed with the 'challenging but fair' motto in mind, this collection of 6 unique and original maps bring...
Collection by Ninja On Drugs
Lekker man lekerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Robotheads Collection
Collection by Robothead
Norwegian Battlefields
Collection by BjørnDigre
A series of COH2 maps from the battles in Norway during ww2
CoH2 Stuff
Collection by BlackSarrow
Stuff to make gameplay interesting
atmospherical maps
Collection by JenoVa.Projekt
selection of maps with that kind of atmospherical touch, not only fast coded
Absolute War
Collection by Saxony
Some of the best maps ever designed for CoH2 and great Gamemodes and Tuning Packs
Burg & Grg MOD Pack
Collection by =7Cav=LTC.Grgich.A
For Hosting MP Missions in CoH 2. This is a Map pack as well. If there is a map that does not work message me on steam. NOTE to download you need to be in game.
company of heroes
Collection by thekingkong237
gewoon alles
Gamez Explorer Community Choice Collection
Collection by GZN-Matt
A collection of maps played and liked by Gamez Explorer Magazine readers and community members Will add new maps as they are played and opinion gained. Please add me if you would like your map considered for the pack. So far there is 2 that were ...
RED colection
Collection by Red commissioner
Collection by Speutzi
Kollektion Deluxe, Sammlung meiner Abonnierten CoH Mods
Collection by andreicelbun
Coh 2 Maps that i like not mine
Collection by Van De Klan_Dk
Coh 2 Maps that i like :-) not mine, but the best of the best i think
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