Company of Heroes 2
The War continues with YOUR map
Maps, maps everywhere! Take a look through the Workshop to find the best new community-made content. Want to put your own map-making skills to the test? Open up the World Builder and create your own! Take a look at this nifty World Builder Guide to get started.
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Collection by: DAVEHEZZY
All my home made maps give them a try 2-8 Player Maps all maps are MP all have 200 popcap. Remeber to play a custom MP maps all players must download that map or it wont allow it to start start mutton will be locked. You would only be able to play AI S...
CoH 2 3vs3 Maps
Collection by: Rafterman
tcc maps
Collection by: Mr keeling
This is a private collection for friends
CoH 2 best Maps
Collection by: MobiousBr
reeeeeeeeeeeeeally not to anybody, just me...
A1 Maps
Collection by: Eric the Fritz
A1 crew maps. The maps we play. These maps will constantly change/rotate, old favorites will return, terrble maps will burn.
Collection by: GOLD OBAMA
Full Metall Panic
Collection by: Natsume
My Favorits
Guy's collection
Collection by: ~Hyatt
maps i like
Mappe Cialun Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: Cialun2.0
Raccolta Cialun di mappe per Company of Heroes 2, comprende: (2 – 4) Baraque De Fraiture (2 – 4) Peronne (4 – 6) Foy (4 – 6) Lionskaya (4 – 8) Vire River Winter (6 – 8) Bois Jacuqes (6 – 8) Sittard
For my Friends
Collection by: Dadumi27032000
Hi this is for coop
play_company of heroes 2
Collection by: [UUSC]КОРОЛЬ КСЕНОМ
The iron Cross
Collection by: Alexander 1007
These maps are my best maps that i have created thus far for coh2. In these maps, i try to emphasize New gamemodes and play styles, as well as to implement unique and underground units that have never been released. I try to create an atmosphere where p...
Collection by: Siffi
Maps die in Ordnung sind
Collection by: DerKingMitDemD
Diese Maps haben keinen Virrus drauf
Collection of ze Fuhrer
Collection by: aurora
For ze Fatherland!
Skirmish Maps
Collection by: Endeavourz
For Friends
AoD Clan Maps
Collection by: shieldtron
Company of Heros 2 Multiplayer Maps
Collection by: Roushk
List of the best COH2 MP maps
Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: Razer. DeathAdder
Maps für Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: Luxembourgo.__(Rapapa'h)1ॐ
1º coleção steam
Collection by: Consuela
Mp privat
Collection by: Nachoman
Collection by: Tortuga
Egregious Company of Heroes 2 Maps (not created by us)
Collection by: [EGR] hecate900
These are the maps we all currently have in Egregious and play =D Note: WE DID NOT CREATE THESE MAPS..All credit goes to the originating creator (not any thieves...unless its better ;)
Collection by: Ydar
Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: hausb2
Meine Maps für Company of Heroes 2 ( nicht historisch korekt ) My Maps for Company of Heroes 2 ( not Historial accurate )
Collection by: -=AOU=-Silentwisher(Owner)
Grizzly's Favorites
Collection by: Grizzly Govnu
Maps that are for Mrs Boze and Way of Sub
Coh 2
Collection by: ~*~ Cryx
Gamewarriors CoH2
Collection by: Flak
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