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Collection by: [8.LLDiv]Nodo2000
Let´s test it :)
Ritterkonig's Workshop
Collection by: Ritterkönig
Nebaka's maps
Collection by: Nebaka
CoH 2 3vs3 Maps
Collection by: Rafterman
Skirmish Maps
Collection by: Endeavourz
For Friends
Full Metall Panic
Collection by: Natsume
My Favorits
GTP /// German Team Players
Collection by: [GTP] ALEXET
Die offizielle German Team Players (GTP) Kollektion Viel Spaß wünscht GTP
[wyc] Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: Hans Potter
Diese Karten werden von der [wyc] / Wasted Youth Crew gespielt
Leibovitz COH2
Collection by: Elijah Robovitz
Collection of ze Fuhrer
Collection by: aurora
For ze Fatherland!
tcc maps
Collection by: Mr keeling
This is a private collection for friends
Collection by: Scuriva Elquattro
Novorossiisk Maps 1 - Novorossiisk 2 - Novorossiisk - Back Home Details : 1 - North vs South (Axe north assault of novorossiisk) 2 - Est vs West (USSR est assault of novorossiisk) Population : 100max Fuel : Hight Munition : Hight Story :...
CoH 2 best Maps
Collection by: MobiousBr
reeeeeeeeeeeeeally not to anybody, just me...
Mappe Cialun Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: Cialun2.0
Raccolta Cialun di mappe per Company of Heroes 2, comprende: (2 – 4) Baraque De Fraiture (2 – 4) Peronne (4 – 6) Foy (4 – 6) Lionskaya (4 – 8) Vire River Winter (6 – 8) Bois Jacuqes (6 – 8) Sittard
Collection by: DAVEHEZZY
All my home made maps give them a try 2-8 Player Maps all maps are MP all have 200 popcap. Remeber to play a custom MP maps all players must download that map or it wont allow it to start start Button will be locked. You would only be able to play AI S...
CoH 2 Map - By Elquattro
Collection by: Scuriva Elquattro
All map created by me (Elquattro). Eastern Front CoH2 : Novorossiisk, Novorossiisk - BackHome (Beta), Belgrade (Beta), Perekop (Alpha). Weastern Front CoH2 : Bourgoin (Beta). Thanks for helps : Razofsky, pariah, TheDzierzanPL, MaxiKing6 Hi, i cr...
Collection by: Hilion
A1 Maps
Collection by: Eric The Fritz
A1 crew maps. The maps we play. These maps will constantly change/rotate, old favorites will return, terrble maps will burn.
Guy's collection
Collection by: ~Hyatt
maps i like
All Maps
Collection by: ApexBulletDemon
new maps
Maps die in Ordnung sind
Collection by: DerKingMitDemD
Diese Maps haben keinen Virrus drauf
play_company of heroes 2
Collection by: *Go0d Like*|Я Легенда
Collection by: Siffi
The iron Cross
Collection by: Alexander 1007
These maps are my best maps that i have created thus far for coh2. In these maps, i try to emphasize New gamemodes and play styles, as well as to implement unique and underground units that have never been released. I try to create an atmosphere where p...
For my Friends
Collection by: Dadumi27032000
Hi this is for coop
Schwimmwagen - a good decision!
Collection by: Inquisitioner
AoD Clan Maps
Collection by: shieldtron
Collection by: feniata280877
Bottlenecks and Rivers
Collection by: ColdDemon
As the title states.
A bunch of good maps
Collection by: Master Exploder
Just a bunch of great maps I've subscribed to. Pretty wide variety, some are comp stomp, some are balanced, and some are just for fun.
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