Company of Heroes 2
The War continues with YOUR map
Maps, maps everywhere! Take a look through the Workshop to find the best new community-made content. Want to put your own map-making skills to the test? Open up the World Builder and create your own! Take a look at this nifty World Builder Guide to get started.
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Zogg's List
Collection by: megazogg
The finest maps possible to find in Workshop! ;)
=GFF= COH 2 Map Collection
Collection by: Bushklopper
=GFF= COH 2 Map Collection Map Sammlung zum gemeinsamen Zocken Map collection for common play Da unterschiedliche Map-Abonnements und derer Anzahl diverse Probleme verursachen, gemeinsam in einer Lobby zu spielen, wurde diese Collection erstellt, dam...
hey boys
Collection by: [DR] Lt. Clifforth
i made a few maps i hope u will like comment and report if there should be somthing wrong with the maps
akosi's collection
Collection by: Sandboxie 183
ATTENTION! these maps are only from the real creator, so i am sure it will refreshing if new version will be available. These maps all about, 2. balance however i guess there is a few maps which arenot balanced(like maps from CoH 1),but still f... - Editors Choice
Collection by: TheWarGazette@com
The very best CoH2 maps.
Carte Compagny Of Heroes 2
Collection by: Remax92 (FR)
Cartes de Compagny Of Heroes 2 .
Tiger's Maps
Collection by: |E~C| Tiger
This is a collection of my maps.
Maps with Janne252's Capture the Flag Gamemode
Collection by: Janne252
Maps with Janne252's Capture the Flag Gamemode
Collection by: JägerMeister
Storm The Front 4v4 custom map [Under construction]
Collection by: Pvt. Goofus
Alright, here's alpha version of the 4v4 Storm The Front map. - NOW What I'm trying to do here is checking gameplay of massive battle in one chokepoint. This map is pretty familiar to Into The Breach DoW map, but it will have some tweaks. Dis...
Collection by: [asB] B3R6.bro
nice maps :)
My Company of Heroes 2 user made map collection
Collection by: LoTeK_83
Most are milestones from the original Company of Heroes.
ESL Community Maps Collection
Collection by: IpKaiFung
This collection contains all the community created maps that will be used in ESL events.
COH 2 - Additional Maps for friends
Collection by: Gems1
This map collection could be used by anyone.
Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: DAVEHEZZY
These maps are some of my best maps and other peoples maps hope you like my choice of maps. They are all 8 player maps most have kill zones and are large maps. Some thing you need to know if you want to play custom maps. 1 To play a custom MP MAP wit...
Collection by: K [I] L L E R
Collection of map !!
Collection by: [8.LLDiv]Nodo2000
Let´s test it :)
Fun time with friends
Collection by: Renegade_Soda
Just some maps that me and my friends like to play alot. hope you like them as much as we do.
Nebaka's maps
Collection by: Nebaka
[wyc] Company of Heroes 2
Collection by: Hans Potter
Diese Karten werden von der [wyc] / Wasted Youth Crew gespielt
COH 2 Maps
Collection by: DizzeeDazzoo( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The best realistic multiplayer maps
Collection by: Wehrmacht90
This is a collection of multiplayer maps with more lifelike environments to reality.
Maps Joey
Collection by: joeyp
Joey maps
Leibovitz COH2
Collection by: Elijah Robovitz
Collection by: NicoTheUnique
Collection by: Dr. Pepper Est. 1885
These are maps that are amazing
Ritterkonig's Workshop
Collection by: Ritterkönig
Collection by: DAVEHEZZY
All my home made maps give them a try 2-8 Player Maps all maps are MP all have 200 popcap. Remeber to play a custom MP maps all players must download that map or it wont allow it to start start mutton will be locked. You would only be able to play AI S...
Collection by: Elquattro
Novorossiisk Maps 1 - Novorossiisk 2 - Novorossiisk - Back Home Details : 1 - North vs South (Axe north assault of novorossiisk) 2 - Est vs West (USSR est assault of novorossiisk) Population : 100max Fuel : Hight Munition : Hight Story :...
CoH 2 best Maps
Collection by: MobiousBr
reeeeeeeeeeeeeally not to anybody, just me...
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