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atmospherical maps
Collection by JenoVa.Projekt
selection of maps with that kind of atmospherical touch, not only fast coded
Absolute War
Collection by Hauptmann Saxony
Some of the best maps ever designed for CoH2 and great Gamemodes and Tuning Packs
Burg & Grg MOD Pack
Collection by =7Cav=LTC.Grgich.A
For Hosting MP Missions in CoH 2. This is a Map pack as well. If there is a map that does not work message me on steam. NOTE to download you need to be in game.
Gamez Explorer Community Choice Collection
Collection by GZN-Matt
A collection of maps played and liked by Gamez Explorer Magazine readers and community members Will add new maps as they are played and opinion gained. Please add me if you would like your map considered for the pack. So far there is 2 that were ...
RED colection
Collection by Red commissioner
Collection by Speutzi
Kollektion Deluxe, Sammlung meiner Abonnierten CoH Mods
Collection by andreicelbun
Coh 2 Maps that i like not mine
Collection by Van De Klan_Dk
Coh 2 Maps that i like :-) not mine, but the best of the best i think
Collection by Mongo mit Bongo
Maps made by Qizzi
Collection by =GULLS= Qizzi
This is the collection of maps made by Qizzi
Collection by UnknownPatriot
Collection by peter
Collection by Medicus
Collection by cute kitten
Collection by ripyouanewone
Low tide Set
Collection by MechJibb
CoH Basic
Collection by madsci78
Just beginning workshop maps.
U wot m9
Collection by Oberst Mittens
Base modded CoH 2
Collection by CMDR Sweeper
Just a basic easy to subscribe collection for multiplayer game setups. If you found this one at random, it has no value unless you are to play with me.
Me & Zac_ek's CoH2 Collection
Collection by Capt. Olsson
Company of Heroes Must Haves
Collection by [TAS][KTXS]GIGroundNPound
This collection contains what I believe are the best mods for CoH2 as well as some amazing maps.
Mods (for me and Nate)
Collection by Apex_xepA
The Wehrmacht Anime Collection
Collection by Lord Sandvichman
Collection by Witchcraft
Real WW2
Collection by Wohlever
Realism based Mods for Company of Heroes 2. Only mods that make the game more like real life are included in this collection.
1v1 & 2v2 High Quality Map Pack
Collection by Wiggin ✿
A hand picked collection of high quality 1v1 and 2v2 Maps for Company of Heroes 2. These maps are picked based on quality, design and gameplay. They are also tested with
Shortbears collection for friends
Collection by ShortBear
Just made to play with friends since there is no way to look at other peoples subscribed items.
Collection by Leon Nix Snow
maps : 3
Collection by Randy Butternubs
GerR Kollektion
Collection by [DL88]♠Graf Großkotz♠[GerR]
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