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Soviets Mod Developers Mods
Collection by Pinguino132
Here we place everything made by our team :soviet:
Invictus Map Collection
Collection by Invictus
Seine River Docks (4 - 6) The old map of COH 1 is now rebuilt from scratch for the epic battle between the russians and the germans. Fight with new tactics combined with the old ones and go for glory! Achelous River Winter (4 - 6) Probably my favori...
NationsCup I - Wintermaps
Collection by K R T R
Maps for the NationsCup 2014. Subscribe and these wintermaps will be in your inventory in the game. Rails and Metal, Vaux Farmlands and Semoisky Summer owned by Relic Entertainment - No Copyright Infringement intended with these remakes.)
Zogg's List
Collection by megazogg
The finest maps possible to find in Workshop! ;)
Frigid Conditions Map Pack
Collection by MonolithicBacon
Collecting all of his winter maps into one place, MonolithicBacon presents Frigid Conditions, taking the initial premise of Company of Heroes 2, and bringing it back into realisation: the threat of the freezing cold. Prepare yourself for snow, ice, blizza...
Collection by xxCompany Of Cowardsxx
Company of Heroes 2 #Custom game modes
Collection by Deadly Vodka™
All coh2 custom games modes. Enjoy
Official Art of Defence (AOD) mod + maps
Collection by littleBIT
The official AOD mod for CoH2 + all official maps
World War I
Collection by MonolithicBacon
Bottleneck Maps!
Collection by Ryan
Bottleneck compstomp maps! I love em, you love em... let's love em together!
Lionskaya (Lyon for Company of Heroes 2)
Collection by RiX
This is the first and most sophisticated 'Lyon' port for Company of Heroes 2! Enjoy your stay! ______________________________________________________________________________ I have come to love Lyon in vCoH. Many players remember this as a campfest an...
Operation: Blacklist
Collection by MonolithicBacon
Operation: Blacklist comprises of maps that were designed, erected and published behind the Iron Curtain of the Western Front Armies’ Non-Disclosure Agreement. Unable to be displayed to the public, these maps have been rigorously tried and tested under ...
The Best CoH 1 Maps
Collection by szikidani
Special thanks: >|JPK|< Invictus |-RiX-| Stewe Ecarus JACKET megazogg DD_Michy
MonolithicBacon & DonXavi's Map Pack
Collection by MonolithicBacon
MonolithicBacon and DonXavi have both been creating maps for Company of Heroes since the release of vCOH's WorldBuilder, and 60+ maps, 5 Mods and several years later, they're still going. Enclosed are a collection of the best that they have to offer, all ...
1v1 & 2v2 High Quality Map Pack
Collection by Wiggin ✿
A hand picked collection of high quality 1v1 and 2v2 Maps for Company of Heroes 2. These maps are picked based on quality, design and gameplay. They are also tested with
Collection by ஜ(-Sina-)ஜ
Jetst im Workshop erhältlich ! Mit sehr viel Liebe gestalltete Grosse Karte! Felder Ruinen , ein Wunderschöhnes Dorf ! Doch Achtung der weg zum Paradies geht hinter der Brücke gradewegs zu Hölle ! Sie haben keine Chance was zu Bauen !!! und die A...
The Continuation War Map Pack
Collection by MonolithicBacon
The Continuation War encapsulates the conflict between Finland and the Soviet Union during the course of 1941 to 1944. With the aid of German weaponry and equipment, Finnish forces fought in one of the most daring and yet underappreciated campaigns of the...
Bruder Projekte CoH
Collection by Schlabberlachs
Alle Arbeiten von mir und/oder meinem Bruder. All creations made by my brother and/or me.
PREMIUM - Best Maps Coop/Solo vs AI (Bottlenecks and Mayhem)
Collection by BlacKcuD
There is a lot of awesomly looking maps out there for CoH2. However, not all maps which look good, are fun to play. More specifically, many people play CoH2 with friends against a strong AI team. This collection contains maps, which have prooven to be sup...
275 Maps (added to regularly)
Collection by [SAvg] Ace Rimmer
Making a map pack for me and my clan mates to use when we play with each other (giggity), your welcome to tag along with us if your looking for a good bunch of lads to play with of course :
Eastern front Map Pack
Collection by [-TFA-]-D.TAYLOR
Leonid_Brezhnev's Eastern Fronts Map Pack
Collection by DJ Brezhnev
Brought to you by yours truly.
Tobeh's Maps
Collection by Tobeh
These are the maps I've made for COH2. I'll be updating the collection when I make more maps, feel free to include the maps in your own collections :)
Map of Great Eastern Front Battle
Collection by Vasilij Zajcev
Collection by ஜ(-Sina-)ஜ
Mit liebe gestalltete Grosse Karte, Felder Ruinen , ein Wunderschöhnes Dorf ! Doch achtung der weg zum Paradies geht hinter der Brücke gradewegs zu Hölle ! Sie haben keine Chance was zu Bauen !!! und die anforderungen neuer einheiten wirt von Spieler ...
Impossible Offline Achievement Maps(MP)
Collection by Mellow
These maps are for players who play with AIs offline with no other way to get these achievements. Most of the achievements are impossible playing against AI. IS-2 Achievement map: Tiger Ace is out means you have to wait 10 mins before your resource c...
COH2 Mapping Contest
Collection by Janne252
COH2 Mapping Contest
Company of Heroes 2 Maps
Collection by gotrunks712
A good collection of maps for CoH2
Germany Ports
Collection by ϟϟ Lord Whitshy ϟϟ
In this collection i made 2 ports of germany. -Hamburg -Lübeck i hope you guys like =D
Комплект локаций от полковника Чеховского "Ни шагу назад"
Collection by Col.Chekhovskiy
Комплект локаций (карт) иллюстрирующий те тяжелые годы Великой Отечественной войны,в которых СССР вел тяжелую борьбу с противником,когда н...
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