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TDN Fleet
Collection by Trauma
The initial idea for TDN was from "Sins of a solar empire" where TDN is short for Traders Defense Navy. In this case, im not quite sure wether I would like to keep it like that and "steal" the faction idea from sins, or go into depth about some inane back...
Kuiper Belt Fleet
Collection by 9iE
Old Design Ship Faction First Human's ship of space age this ship is motifed -The last century-
The Krystal Fleet
Collection by Kraft_Lawrence
Author's Note: Waiting till D14 comes out to update. Hello there mercenary, and welcome to the Krystal Star Empire, though most people refer to us as the Krystal Fleet... perhaps I should introduce myself: I am General Alpha and am in charge of all mil...
Homeworld 2 Ships
Collection by Ichi the Blind
This is my collection of ships from the Homeworld 2 game, built in Kinetic Void. I will be adding more as I make them. If you like these designs, feel free to rate and subscribe.
Star Wars Ships
Collection by Peel
All the creations that fit the Star Wars theme... If you think yours should be in here, or one that you like, just leave a comment! Some are better than others, so if it's the only one of its kind, then it's included. If there are more than one then...
Assorted Extreme designs
Collection by DeliveranceX
I have work hard and long on theses few designs in hopes that it has a unique and wow factor to them. It have a extreme module count so its not for the faint hearted. If you have any feed back regards to them feel free to post it on my account blue.halo.
Mishima Heavy Industries
Collection by smartbad
Mishima Heavy Industries (三島重工業株式会社) is a well-established major defense contractor for the majority of the Terran fleets since the days of Old Earth, when space militarization was still in its infancy. MHI brings its wealth of experienc...
Imperial Alliance Fleet
Collection by LordCha0s1983
The IA ships reflect the pride of the Imperial Alliance and the glory of the emperor. MORE SHIPS COMING SOON.
Pirates, Traders and Misfits
Collection by InkySquid
All of the ships I've created which don't yet belong to a collection, or won't fit into one. Within are ships as diverse as the Vulture Heavy Fighter favoured by pirates, the ubiquitous freighter known the galaxy over simply as the Hauler and the mercenar...
Escape Velocity: Nova ships
Collection by Gortern
Spaceships from the video game: Escape Velocity: Nova. All ships where build in Kinetic void by me.
Amon'Tau Flotilla
Collection by BoraBorat
The Amon'Tau Flotilla: First Contact: The first time human people had contact with the Amon'tau Flotilla it came to a misunderstanding and so nearly to a fight, but in time both sides could find a solution. It wasn't the first alien race humans fo...
Beyuran Grand Fleet
Collection by InkySquid
The ships of the expanding Beyuran Systems, which is gaining a reputation as a powerful spacefaring faction. Bayura's signature red and grey livery marks all of these ships and their designs focus on high firepower on armoured hulls, with well armed and a...
NOVA shipyard
Collection by HerrStahl
Let me represent you collection of ships which have similar structure with the Sith Empire ships (SWTOR) or ships with wedge shape. Enjoy!
Tansk Home Fleet
Collection by InkySquid
The Tansk Home Fleet is, simply put, a terrifying military machine. Their fighters are the fastest, their battleships are the most powerful, of all the factions in their vicinity. This collection gives a taste of the military might of Tansk in all its glo...
Royal Furan Navy
Collection by InkySquid
The Royal Furan Navy is known for its daring and expertise in long-range, nonlinear warfare. Its ships are designed for combat ranging across hundreds of lightyears with little or no support. Contains some ex-misfit ships including the popular Theris desi...
Æther Tech Corp.
Collection by
Æther Tech Corp strives to produce the highest quality of product, "You get what you pay for," and with us, you get the best. Performance, Excellence, Quality - Æther Tech Corp represents the pinnacle of engineering and production in the Galaxy. *...
Æther's Misc Works
Collection by
This collection is for ships that don't fit a particular story element (yet.) Generally, this collection is for stand-alone ships or "unique" ships not part of my other two collections (Marauder Fleet and Æther Tech Corp.)
Traders of the Void
Collection by BlizzardV15
"Every galaxy's got its traders. Hundreds of 'em, sailing the warp lanes, day in, day out. Common folk like you and I. 'Course, every captain dreams of owning the fastest, smoothest ship in the Void, but let's be honest; we know it ain't gonna happen. Not...
Haaqeran Empire Ships
Collection by WolfintheWheat
The Haaqeran Empire is a mysterious race of aliens from nobody knows where, somewhere beyond the Galaxy. Their technology baffles modern scientists and engineers, and their ships push the limits of propulsion and gravity. They are a ruthless race. First c...
Circadian Grand Fleet
Collection by InkySquid
The Circadian military is an efficient and highly advanced implement. Its grand fleet, the main branch of its navy, has at its disposal some of the most innovative craft in its region. Circadian crews are well drilled and trained. Their newly refurbished ...
Babylon 5 Ships
Collection by Devil Tiger X
I Babylon 5, I love Babylon 5's ships, so here's the ones I've had a crack at re-creating...
RCI Kinetic Void Starships
Collection by Goodwin
Ships designed for Kinetic Void
Sentient Shipyards
Collection by Winter Dragon
Sentient produce a wide range of ships built mostly from salvage operations across the galaxy. They typically favour kinetic and ballistic weapon systems as those are in the highest quantities, are cheap, and more compatable than their laser counterparts....
Muarader Fleet
Collection by
Complent of known ships in the Muarader Fleet
SL Ship Series
Collection by Switch
Motive from game or my idea Ship List SL-31 Cruiser SL-27 Cruiser SL-L34 Cruiser SL-28 Destroyer SL-42 Cruiser SL-i386 Cruiser SL-17 Battleship SL-C38 Capital SL-D58 Dreadnought SL-59 Cruiser SL-52 Dreadnought SL-M91 Battleship SL-K32 ...
Homeworld Collection
Collection by Outcast
- - - Please rate this collection if you like it, it will help me know if i'm doing a good job :) - - - A collection of ships from the "Homeworld" series. This collection will include ships from all Homeworld games and might even include some from c...
Agrenai Self Defence Forces
Collection by InkySquid
Agrenai is tiny compared to Beyura, Circad, Tansk, Fura or even Tyomin. It consists of only four inhabited planets built on trade and science. The Agrenian navy is small, but well equipped. It acts as a deterrant against pirates, but is hardly enough to s...
Boundless Armaments
Collection by Killmiester
When it's fight or flight, choose fight. Boundless Armaments has the assets you need for a decisive victory.
Tyomi Navy
Collection by InkySquid
Often described as the galactic newcomers, the Tyomi have only very recently entered the age of interstellar space travel. Aided by the Beyurans in their first steps beyond their solar system they are becoming a trading powerhouse. Their ships already riv...
Crux Advanced Aerospace
Collection by Crux
See for yourself why this collection is full of win! All my ship designs in one collection, enjoy!
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