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TAG Technologies: Series: Agonemnot
Collection by: Lord Convector
The Story Of TAG Technologies As a small company the CEO Convector gave TAG Technologies the following task: “As the CEO of TAG Technologies I want a clear message to the people of this galaxy. This message must be read on every telecom, seen o...
Soviet Russia Fleet
Collection by: Gortern
This is a collection of Russian themed ships that I had for quite some time but never uploaded, so I'm proud to present the RUSSIAN FLEET OF VODKA.
Arrow Industries Premier Stargazer pack
Collection by: CptLavender
This is a pack of the starships i have created from Arrow Industries. The Indestructible Valkyrie, the War Master Trinity and the Blazer Duo. I do plan on making more ships this is just a start I'd figure i get it out of the way anyway and were walking. C...
United Human Systems
Collection by: LogicalCantaloupe
Formed In 2250, After the end of World War 4, the remaining nations of earth unified under the name United Human Systems or U.H.S. Is a Constitutional Democracy. The Military Branch, United Human Military Command Oversees Army,Naval,Wet Navy, Marine and...
Nolodian Empire
Collection by: Thurnok
This collection represents the complement of ships / stations for the Nolodian Empire.
Toris Ships
Collection by: im jacob
The Toris are a quadruped mammalian race that achieved space flight approximately 15 years ago. It is believed that their rapid transference into interplanetary space travel was due to the fact that their home planet, Seigfreid, has a close proximity to S...
The WorldBreakers
Collection by: Gortern
"And let it be so, that guilty men will tremble at their might" - Book of Worldbreakers. !WARNING! These Ships are LAGGY, thats because they're massive! they compose almost of Tier 5 parts!
The Light Conglomerate Shipyard
Collection by: SergeSC
The Light Conglomerate Shipyard is the largest ship-builder in the galaxy. This company especializes in long range combat and heavy shields fpr survivalbility. The Light Conglomerate Shipyard has a powerful arsenal at its disposal, however, their focus...
Deep Core Defense & Industrial Manufacturing Corp.
Collection by: [SsT] Too Much Damage
Federation of Mechanized Systems Space Fleet
Collection by: botz_k
The Federation of Mechanized Systems The FMS was the result of a past technological boom created to help star systems advance in science, technology, and exploration. Today, the FMS is the most technoligically advance galactic union in the universe and...
Elite Federation
Collection by: Ragan42
The name is just a nod at my old favourite space sim, hoping KV will close in on that sandbox experience! Most ships aren't remakes just bear those names for lack of creativity :)
AsnuMonk Industries: Naval filial
Collection by: madmax
Welcome, dear reader, to our archive repository. Please note that the following entries are direction-classified content, and consulting this entries without being a full-grade licensed personnal, you are exposing yourself to lethal discretion from the...
Lunar Republic Fleet
Collection by: Hacks Lua
Коллекция Lunar Republic, любой кто хочет помогать создавать коллекцию пишите в личку ;) Дополнительная информация: *Коллекция все время будет по...
Collection by: Eden
Novus Ordo
Collection by: [SsT] Too Much Damage
Maxius Fleet
Collection by: (B.O.E.R) EpicCookie
-Despite the hostile look the Maxius are peace keepers, Butting heads with the Farside Pirate Cartel to defend the helpless no matter what the cost.
Royal Galactic Navy
Collection by: DeltaWidow
Ships I've created themed off the royal Navy
Mars Föderation Flotte
Collection by: Thunder_Doom
Der Mars Rüstet auf hier sind die ersten Modele der Mars Föderations Flotte.
Union of Independent Stellar States craft
Collection by: DURANDAL-1707
A grouping of ships created and used by the Union of Independent Stellar States, a collection of colony worlds seeking independence from the Terran Republic's rule. The UISS initially rose in 2314 during a crisis when all craft in MWD mode suddenly imp...
solochris Misc
Collection by: solochris
any of my ships that doesnt fall into one of my other collections.
Russian Space Fleet
Collection by: Heldar
LXI: Space Ocean Series [SOS]
Collection by: Funky_Koval
Laren X Incorporated is a relatively young company founded by Funky Koval (space detective, who with his friends and colleagues forms a private detective agency "Universs"). The name 'Laren X' owes its origin from a nickname which Funky had in his youth. ...
Terran Republic Fleet
Collection by: DURANDAL-1707
A collection of craft, military and civilian, serving the Terran Republic. The Terran Republic rose in 2257 with the advent of Micro Warp Drive travel; a brand new space race was starting and the hostilities between many of the Earth's superpowers were...
Arzon Industries
Collection by: solochris
Arzon Industries was founded by a relatively unknown merchant who decided to expand into ship construction. Arzon Industries is currnetly focused on anti-pirate and anti-smuggler vessels to be used by large companies or small world governments for securit...
My Ships
Collection by: Gandalf
The ships that I make in Kinetic Void
Terran Defense Fleet
Collection by: NewBound
The Terran Defense Fleet has place its efforts on making the most advanced arcenal, in hopes of creating a formidable Armada to protect all terran class lifeforms, In hopes to connect life across the Galaxy.
Solochris Copyrighted
Collection by: solochris
Any ship I have made that can be classed as a copyright infringement. All ships in this collection are based on ships from other franchises and are here just to show what I think can be done with the ship creator. Thanks for looking.
Guardian Republic
Collection by: theronhogg
In the wakes of a recent war that nearly shattered the universe. With the planetary superpowers still recovering from the violence there has been no one to keep the peace. And thus the Guardian Republic was born, a merging between all races it stands as a...
Septime 20. Brigade
Collection by: TMiR
FRUSF Spacecraft & Spaceship Series
Collection by: M_Gamelin
There are some Spacecraft & Spaceship used by FRUSF(Francine Republican Union Space Force)! It's collection of my work added just little background. Enjoy flight by this, fight by this. =D I plan append more works. =)
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