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The Community Mapping Contest Results!
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Blade Symphony
Collection by: Hunter MaKeDo
Blade Symphony de la Hunter et Acid-Gaming-Team
HF Blade
Collection by: Fujin
All sword-types of Raiden's HF Blade, ported from Garry's Mod.
All the shit I downloaded
Collection by: Dr. New Hero
I mainly just made this for my frands to get so we'll all have the same stuff when we play. I 'unno download if you want doe
Collection by: Game vicio Brasil
For Tyriael
Collection by: Prophet
These are my fav workshop mods to share with my friend :)
Blade Symphony For Team Cher
Collection by: pigrocket
Cher-friend workshop content for Blade Symphony. So we all have the same eqiupment and stuff online, and we can see each other's equipment. Add any content you'd like!
MH Sword Collection
Collection by: King Gabriel
MH Swords. No giant enemies to fight sadly but maybe someone will make a Velociprey mask or something.
hiTech masks. part1
Collection by: Tamao-Chan
Jetro, Melt, Vex, Void ++++P.S++++ May Be Subscribe My???
Quick Sub - Sader
Collection by: Sader
Workshop broken need a way to quickly subscribe to my shit.
HF Murasama Blade
Collection by: Fujin
All sword-type variants of my HF Murasama Blade port from GMOD.
Stout Shield Armory
Collection by: Karolis O.
A selection of fine swords based on or inspired by historical findings.
Community Map Contest Submissions - Summer '14
Collection by: fug4life
These are all the maps that were submitted for the Community Map Contest Submissions - Summer '14
All Blade Symphony Workshop Masks (23 Unique as of 2/23/14)
Collection by: Maintrain97
"it will show up in-game after the next update or if you switch to the latest nightly beta (there's a sticky topic in the forums about it)." -Biohazard This is a collection of Every Mask available for Blade Symphony in the Workshop. I will try to upda...
Stockpile Thomas
Collection by: Rick
You have a heart of gold. Don't let them take it from you.
fug's traditional favourites!
Collection by: fug4life
Some of my favourite traditional esq swords made by the community, will add more as they come:
All Blade Symphony Workshop Swords (114 Unique as of 2/23/14)
Collection by: Maintrain97
This is a collection of Every Sword available for blade symphony in the workshop. I will try to update with new swords daily :D If you notice a sword that has been left out feel free to message me. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the sw...
Save a Trip get all the swords and Masks. :)
Collection by: Dr.Shadowds
All the swords and masks in one button click. Save a trip.
HF Blade Types
Collection by: Hade Firbrun
My take on the HF Blade from MGRR, with some edited proportions in order to fit the characters. More sword types available upon request.
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