Cities in Motion 2
New Maps, Scenarios, and Rules
Now you can create and share new rules, scenarios, and maps for your cities and vehicles. Tweak game values to increase bus capacity, create new objectives, or create entirely new custom city maps. Subscribe to other modifications made and shared by the community to expand your game.
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Canada, Eh?
Collection by: DeeJay124524
The best of the Great White North.
Collection by: pit20141
map cim2
Collection by: nkl710a
hatsune miku map
Collection by: Cosplayer UCR
hatsune miku maps
My map bundle
Collection by: Walrusfat3
A collection of my maps.
CiM2 - Polish cities
Collection by: Kuracyja
The pack of several Polish cities.
Cities in Motion 2 Maps
Collection by: mudbrownman
Descriptive description.
Irish Maps
Collection by: MoneyBags
These maps were created using maps4cim, with data from the OpenStreetMap (© OpenStreetMap contributors).
<ron_fu-ta> Cities in motion 2 Map
Collection by: ron_fu-ta
Collection by: andydavis100
Сим-2 Мои карты
Collection by: Fox Mulder
Собрание моих карт
Collection by: albertpascualavila
Conor Co. Map Pack 1
Collection by: surferconor425
A collection of good maps for Citys In Motion 2. All maps are handpicked by me. ===I DO NOT OWN ALL THE MAPS IN THIS COLLECTION===
Collection by: Oxyde Carton Blindé
ma collection perso
Collection by: jcb12350
Collection by: euryale001
CIM2 Maps
Collection by: diC titan2002
Meine gespielten CIM2 Maps
Deutsche Städte für CIM2
Collection by: Applejack
Hier habe ich für euch, alle Deutschen Städte oder Gebiete für Cities In Motion 2. Seht es dasalles an. und dann. abonieren
Coole Karten
Collection by: Phillip1411(Delta-Force)
San Andreas map
Collection by: Budokai001
San Andreas map
Linz - Szenario
Collection by: IronDragonClaw
The capital city of Upper Austria needs a perfect public transport system! There are 24 task in this szenario, the level of difficulty raises from task to task. It's your turn to build the best public transport system ever seen! - 24 exciting task - e...
Collection by: ZsoltS
Collection by: mtbstudio
Cities in Motion 2 Kollektion
Collection by: rumpelhans104
Dies ist meine Kollektion für Cities in Motion 2. Hier kommen meine erstellten Karten, Szenarios und Regelsets rein. This is my Cities in Motion 2 collection. There are my maps, scenarios and rulesets.
Little Worlds
Collection by: ChrisG
Inspired by Blais 'Little Europe' for CiM1 i've made all continents (except antarctica) as landscape for CiM2. Feel free to use them for build cities on it and let the CiMs colonize the world. :) (If you build cities on it and want to publish them i w...
GTA - Grand Theft Auto - Collection
Collection by: ChrisG
You are GTA addicted as i am? Then this is the right place for you! GTA III (Liberty City), GTA - Vice City and GTA - San Andreas available.
Reeve Delta
Collection by: 4
Help the Reeve Delta region with your transport expertise in this challenging scenario with an unique map, its own ruleset and 22 interesting tasks. »There is so much creativity within the map, from the airport, to the farms, to the university.« —...
Chris@GPOINT Collection
Collection by: ChrisG
All my maps/ scenarios for CiM2 in one collection.
City Planner Campaign (3 Scenarios)
Collection by: 4
INTRODUCTION City Planner is a three-scenario campaign for Cities in Motion 2 released in 2013 and 2014. City Planner focuses on city planning and growth. The custom ruleset makes it rather easy to turn a nice profit, which means enough funds to build ...
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