Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
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Noldor Ranzou's Collection of Classic Dukematch Maps
Collection by Noldor Ranzou
This collection contains all the maps (classic and good ones) which I have gathered through the course of my life as an online Duke player. Exclusively for Dukematch.
StarCraftZerg's Duke Nukem 3D Maps!
Collection by StarCraftZerg
This is my collection of maps that I have personally made! None of the maps you see we're taken from others without credit! Duke City is one of my best maps and is a popular map for DM on the workshop, Death Valley is another one of my maps which is a nic...
The Official Workshop "Other Game's Levels" Map Pack!
Collection by Codeine
A collection of levels made by the community that transports Duke into the worlds of other great games! UPDATED CONSTANTLY!
Duke Nukem Collection
Collection by lord-armand
Ryan Isenberg Maps Collection
Collection by Lunick
A collection of mainly Single-Player maps by Ryan Isenberg
Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition: Coop maps
Collection by Reaper
This is a collection of various maps I've found on the workshop of various authors, with only COOP in mind, nothing else. They all form part of what I'd call an "Episode" of Duke Nukem. There are no DukeMatch levels in this collection. Only coop leve...
Forge's Maps
Collection by xforgex
Fakir Maps Collection
Collection by Ness
Maps made by Fakir or by Fakir and other mappers.
Collection by FizzLightYear
Stranger Maps Collection
Collection by Lunick
A collection of maps from the author "Stranger"
Hell's Breath
Collection by Lunick
Original description: Now this is something interesting for you Duke-fans out there. Hell's Breath is a bundle of maps, 8 in total. Each of these maps are developed for different Duke-games but are based (sort of) on one typical construction. Style differ...
Savior Of Alien Era
Collection by underTaker
Journey of Duke saving world again told in few maps.
hollywood hell
Collection by Thats no hippo
play levels in order that ther in the collection. story: dukes ben called upon to return to hollywood and once again those alien bastards are going to have to pay for shooting up his ride.
Steambull Maps Collection
Collection by Ness
Singleplayer and co-op maps created by Steambull or by Steambull and other mappers.
Iggy Dukematch Maps Collection
Collection by Lunick
A collection of Dukematch maps made by the mapper Iggy. His website is here http://www.duke4ever.eu/
Alias Conrad Coldwood Maps Collection
Collection by Ness
Maps by Alias Conrad Coldwood All maps support SP, COOP & DM
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
Collection by Jeph Havoc
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
Maarten Pinxten Maps Collection
Collection by Ness
SP maps by famous mapper Maarten Pinxten. Pinxten is known for his clean visuals, for the cool locations and original effects he puts in his map (you will always find at least one awesome structure like a rocket, a train, a spaceship, a tank, etc) and ...
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