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FM3X: Anarchy Village
Collection by cristomarquez
My third custom episode from my Duke series. This is the the last for 1.3D.
Duke nukem 3d kill a ton edition(N64Maps
Collection by blwheeleriii
This will be a custom file for dukenukem3dKillATonedition(*N64Maps to be played on
The Official Workshop "Other Game's Levels" Map Pack!
Collection by Mrs. Nesbit
A collection of levels made by the community that transports Duke into the worlds of other great games! UPDATED CONSTANTLY!
MRCK Maps Collection
Collection by Ness
Maps created by MRCK (aka ck3D) or by MRCK and other mappers. These maps were primarly designed for SP. Some of them also supported CO&OP and DM.
Duke Nukem 3D Maps and Mods
Collection by TheKasumiLover
This will include levels for Duke Nukem 3D and mods for Duke Nukem 3D.
Maarten Pinxten Maps Collection
Collection by Ness
SP maps by famous mapper Maarten Pinxten. Pinxten is known for his clean visuals, for the cool locations and original effects he puts in his map (you will always find at least one awesome structure like a rocket, a train, a spaceship, a tank, etc) and ...
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
Collection by Jeph Havoc
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
Alias Conrad Coldwood Maps Collection
Collection by Ness
Maps by Alias Conrad Coldwood All maps support SP, COOP & DM
Collection by Caleb-
Duke nukem
Collection by happybeast
cool shet
Collection by M4sterofdoom
Collection by ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Pseudo WADs
Collection by bassbot102
Mostly Duke and SW shit.
hail to the king
Collection by Thats no hippo
play levels in order there in the collection. story: duke must leave his home in nevada to fight the alien bastards
hollywood hell
Collection by Thats no hippo
play levels in order that ther in the collection. story: dukes ben called upon to return to hollywood and once again those alien bastards are going to have to pay for shooting up his ride.
Doom meets Duke Nukem (Map Collection)
Collection by StarCraftZerg
This is a collection for the maps of Doom's Episode 1, Knee Deep in the Dead recreated in Duke Nukem 3D. I will be recreating the entire episode and hopefully release it as an addon online. The maps will all be released here first, though :). Episode 1...
Duke stuff for two
Collection by Doppelgänger™
Co-op stuff for Duke 3D.
Forge's Maps
Collection by xforgex
Maps For My Friends
Collection by Adrenaline Rush
Maps I just Need For A Ultra Coop And Deathmatch Fun.
Duke 3d Stuff
Collection by The Janitor
Duke Nukem 3D
Collection by AndreaPit
Favorite SP maps
Collection by Deimos
My favorite single player maps I found for Megaton Edition.
Noldor Ranzou's Collaborations
Collection by Noldor Ranzou
This collections contains maps which I have actively collaborated with their respective authors.
Noldor Ranzou's Collection of Classic Dukematch Maps
Collection by Noldor Ranzou
This collection contains all the maps (classic and good ones) which I have gathered through the course of my life as an online Duke player. Exclusively for Dukematch.
Noldor Ranzou's Dukematch Maps
Collection by Noldor Ranzou
This collection contains all the maps I have created, modified or converted! Exclusively for Dukematch.
FM5X: DukeMatch Bonus
Collection by cristomarquez
My fifth custom episode from my Duke series. This is an episode filled with only DukeMatch levels. Levels 1-8 are for 1.3D. Levels 9-11 are for 1.4+ (will follow at a later date). All maps are average to big in size, so therefore are recommended f...
Duke Nukem Collection
Collection by lord-armand
Collection by BigOldBoy
BigOldBoy has a collection of DM maps that he has created from scratch, and some that he has modified from other's work. Most are very playable and fun. Very few have secrets.
duke maps
Collection by kevin
single player maps
Community Maps
Collection by Ness
Community Build Project (CBP) maps are maps created by several mappers from the community. Usually at least 8 mappers are involved in each map. The first one weren't always coherent, but the later ones succeeded in creating a coherent theme and atmosp...
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