Insurgency Workshop
The Insurgency Workshop allows you to extend your game with custom content such as custom maps, weapon skins and more.
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Desert-Tactical Defense industries
Collection by: TF|ATLAS-JAX
Desert tactical skins made so far,check back every once in a while to find some new skins,im sure you will hope you enjoy! love,JAX
Collection by: Camari 
All my insurgency food based retextures.
Rekpoint's Insurgency picks!
Collection by: sNa <Rekpoint!?>
ARES Hamas
Collection by: AR3S [O²B]
Alles was ARES benötigt....All what Ares needs!
Beautiful Wooden Furnishings
Collection by: Father Christmas
In this collection, i will place all of my favorite wooden weapon furnishings, reskins.
Collection by: {EXILE}™GuitarSlayer
Player skins/Gun.Skins
Damian's And Ethan's Insurgency Skin Packs
Collection by: Siri
My Insurgency Pack
Collection by: Otto
Here's my collection of player and weapon skins, I tried to find the best looking and most realistic ones out there. I didn't add sounds or anything like that because I think the default ones are fine.
Camari's Uniform Retextures
Collection by: Camari 
Any and all re-textures I did for the character models. Uses textures from MOH: Warfighter, the Facepunch Forms, and all around the internet. I take no credit for any of the camouflage designs, all rights to their respective owners. Camouflage Patt...
must have for most realistic feeling
Collection by: CMDK3_3N
must have for most realistic and intense gameplay (sounds, player models, blood, graphics) w/o weapon skins cuz ppl like to pick them theirselves
Elliot's Insurgency 2 weapons collection
Collection by: T/5. Elliot [22nd AB EU]
A lot of different weapons skins and not only for Insurgency 2..
Collection by: while(1<2)
All the seperate stuff from my pack, will be realeasing every couple of days until its all released. * Is usable with other sound mods, you just need the mod downloaded first, then this.
Br3eZeR's Asiimov Collection
Collection by: Br3EZeR
This collection contains all the current available Asiimov reskins i have done for Insurgency's arsenal.
Plastic parts for Insurgent guns
Collection by: CrazyRus29
Name tells all. For now, this collection include: - Plastic RPK - Old versions of plastic AKS-74U and AKMS - Reworked versions of AKS-74U and AKMS - Railed Grips for AKS-74 and AKMS
Xseba360's Tritium sights / Night Sights
Collection by: »xѕєвa360«
Collection of my night sights!
Collection by: Sir_Mant175
A Collection that Improves Insurgency gameplay and Changes Insurgency guns, and Textures to make them look better. Most of these weapon skins in this collection are designed to give Insurgency a more tactical approach.
The Kawaii Pack
Collection by: Tengen Toppa★Ricky-sama~
Feeling down or bored? Senpai not noticing you? Well you'd come to the right mod. This mod will cheer you up in seconds with how kawaii these armours are! Fight in style with these super kawaii anime eyes and maybe senpai will notice you today! ;) Also, j...
impulse | Realism Compilation
Collection by: impulse |
++++++++++ Updated: 16 SEPTEMBER 2014 ++++++++++ Collection of skins and mods to enhance Insurgency **These work for CO-OP and PVP, as long as the server is running sv_pure 0-1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Tact-Ops Alternative Weapon Skins
Collection by: «¬Omnicron¬«
A collection of weapon skins that can be used with or without the use of the Tact-Ops Conversion mod for Insurgency. For the Full Mod >>>>
Realistic Markings
Collection by: Civil Protection
A collection featuring weapon skins with realistic manufacturing marks. Current Finished 1st Person Weapons: M590A1 [1 skin] M16A4 [2 skin] WIP 1st Person Weapons: M40A1 [1 skin]
Canadian Collection
Collection by: Tyson Bishop-Charvet
Collection of Canadian skins for Insurgency.
ESL Versus
Collection by: 3B0ooo
ESL Versus skin collection
Hunters Club
Collection by: 3B0ooo
THC - Taliban Hunting Club IHC - Infidels Hunting club Desert camo
Insurgency Russian Camo
Collection by: Toppopia
This collection is for Insurgency and makes all insurgent weapons have a russian camo texture. I have now created a guide which tells you how to make your own textures and Scope Sights.
ESL Pro Series
Collection by: 3B0ooo
ESL Pro Series skin collection
Insurgency - Realism/Desert Combat
Collection by: Enigmatic
Here is a somewhat lengthy assortment of addons I have accumulated to enhance the Realism factor and increase the aesthetic appeal for all the Realism FPS-ers out there. It is simply a compilation of weapon and attachment re-textures, Security and Insurge...
authentic collection
Collection by: DeHu4
Authentic and appropriate in my opinion skins
The Cyberpunk Collection
Collection by: BOBdotEXE
The perfect weapons for the distopian battlefield. A nice circut texture, with hard wood grips, and neon accents for good mesure!
TacticalViper Weapon Skin Collection
Collection by: TacticalViper
Collection by: 💕NiNjA_GiRl💕
all the mod i use for realism
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