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The Insurgency Workshop allows you to extend your game with custom content such as custom maps, weapon skins and more.
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Serenas Mods
Collection by C.Serena
Collection by vorax187
Workshop items
allahu akbar
Collection by chromosome on steroids
allah mate
Collection by shitofsun
Insurgency -Taghead
Collection by Taghead
Collection by Forrix
insurgency moods for you bogs
Better insurgency
Collection by pariah
download this
Nightshift Insurgency
Collection by Devoss
type "snd_restart" in the consol if you don't hear the supersonic bullet crack. pull up the consol with "~"
Mod pack for friends
Collection by ☃❄§✞ÐåℱȾ ℂåȶ✞§❄☮
Nightshift Insurgency v3
Collection by Devoss
press "~" to pull up the consol, type "SND_RESET" if you no longer hear bullets crack as they break the sound barrier.
a bit o mods
Collection by Slippy
this is just a simple collection of mods that i like
The Max B Collection
Collection by Snitchy B
Basically a whole bunch of stuff I found on the internet
War !!!
Collection by Kosaki chan ♥♥♥
Collection by Forrix
Ops Gear
Collection by Sierra Tango Uniform
Collection by Cline | Spearhead Gaming
Collection of hand picked weapons for insurgency
Insurgency Weapon Necessities
Collection by w-scotty
The greatest weapon items on the workshop for Insurgency!
Hootik epick pack - Insurgency
Collection by :D :) :| :/ :( :´(
Best skins for addons for insurgency
Lawl's Insurgency Pack
Collection by SirLawl
Desu~ Desu~ Desu~
The Essential Mods
Collection by Grand Councillor Varmon
Basically just the allah akbar sounds mods for complete immersion!
Insurgency Collection
Collection by Night_Stalker
Insurgency Collections
Collection by TuahN
incergancy workshop
Collection by LETHOS
Insurgency realism soundmods
Collection by Cpt. Barbacoco
battlefield gall
Collection by shitofsun
My Insurgency Reskins
Collection by SuicidalKittens
Just my reskins that I use
PolyTicks' cooperative server collection
Collection by PolyTicks
Collection for PolyTicks' cooperative server.
bigblock111's mod pack
Collection by bigblock111
Collection by Kronos
Kosmo's balanced collection
Collection by Kosmonaut
Striking a balance between competitive and realistic Mainly for personal use, feel free to use this collection All credits belong to the respective owners
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