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age of empires 2 hd
Collection by: Fish
mapas para jugar
The Fynnius66 Collection
Collection by: Fynnius66
This collection is made up of maps that I (Fynnius66) have either made or worked on. With the maps I create, I hope to bring players new and interesting experiences that either take a new look at how maps could be designed; or how players should think abo...
Age of Empires 2 HD -> Goodies one must have.
Collection by: Nephrix
★ Safe the Christmas ★ - Christmas Maps by Evilemerold
Collection by: Rd'Evilemerold
Hohoho and welcome to the ★ Safe the Christmas ★ Maps Santa-Claus evil brother went berserk and tried to destroy christmas this year. Help Santa Claus in many dirrefent maps to Safe the Christmas and play with your friends and alone. Here you ...
The Age of Kings Campaigns
Collection by: gag2000
Do you want play Maps from the old Campaigns - in Single Player and Multiplayer ? - in HD Edition and The Forgotten ? This here is a Pack of each Map from the Campaign. You can play it as a normal Map: Single Player - Standart Game - Game - Scen...
best ever collection
Collection by: RippedPro_Arms_to_Take
best ever pack made it
Wiedel's AoE II HD+ Collection
Collection by: |E~C| Wiedel
awesome units: download: To install the new unit graphics: Open the folder Re-skin mod Select and copy the files graphics.drs and...
Pack de mejoras HD AoE II von instintoaleman
Este Pack de mejoras gráficas para el AoE II HD es un conjunto de mods elegidos personalmente para aplicarlos al juego y que tenga los mejores gráficos posibles. Este pack incluye mejoras como: - Mejora de texturas de las montañas - Mejora de textura...
FlakPak Visual Enhancement
Collection by: Flakker
This collection aims to improve the aesthetics of Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It is fully compatible with version 3.7F. The following modifications have been made: - The color pallette was reduced in brightness - Textures are more realistic (...
Ozhara's Tree Replacements
Collection by: Ozhara
This collection contains all tree replacements I've done up to now.
Age of Empires II The Forgotten
Collection by: ZyPhr@™
25-02-2015 Una nueva campaña de LMaquiel añadida a la colección. Espero os guste! Salu2! La colección va aumentando. Un nuevo mapa multi 1v1 + 2 IA's del amigo Adam lo añado a la colección. Salu2!
Ozhara's Mountains and Rocks Collection
Collection by: Ozhara
This collection contains all seperate mountain and rock replacements I have done for now.
Age of Empire 2 HD Maps
Collection by: shadowface_gaming
Aoe 2 Maps von Lausi 1987 und Daniel Düsentrieb
Favorites scenarios
Collection by: eveame
Very skillfull, brilliant and artistic
Age of Kings Heaven Mods
Collection by: somini
All the campaings uploaded by Felix Waters that were first released on Age of Kings Heaven. If there is anyone from AoKH staff uploading campaings, or if you don't think I have permission to just agreggate all the mods here, just let me know.
Age of Empires 2 HD maikmk2 Kollektion
Collection by: =(H)=maikmk2
Eine Kollektion mit jeder =(H)=maikmk2 Map.
CBA v13.1 and Path Bloods
Collection by: [Latine] Cassius
The latest CBA (v13.1) downloaded from IGZ and patched for FFA and 3v3 games. Civs balanced (Jags upgraded). 3 Path Blood versions (original, alternate, and XI) downloaded from IGZ and all bugs and cheating fixed. There were a lot of bugs. Most patchw...
Age of Empires adons
Collection by: psychodad
qadons voor Age of Empires HD
TheGradi's Map Collection
Collection by: TheGradi
Juast a collection of my Maps which are and those to come!
Yangzhoui's Complete Map Pack
Collection by: Yangzhoui
All the AoE2HD maps made by me.
AoE II campaigns/scenarios
Collection by: Thomas Bazzo
AoE II campaigns, mini-campaigns, scenarios, maps.
AoE II Remastered
Collection by: Tayriel
The best mods for Age of Empires II HD and DLC The Forgotten made by Jorgito_aqua27, and Amasa. Used mods are stil in progress! Full compatibility should be in the near future! Enjoy it!
Total War and lord of the rings
Collection by: Aragorn-Elessar97
A Lot of great Scenarios in Age of Empires II HD, The forgotten is NOT needed! Have fun!
Collection by: jamieww
Country of Hinnegard
Collection by: Roberto (BR)
These campaigns belongs to the Country of Hinnegard saga.
Ephestion's Random Map Pack
Collection by: Spartan Hoplite
This collection includes numerous maps I have made and posted at Heavengames, Age4Greeks, and several other websites. Most of my maps have been highly rated by fellow gamers on those sites, and now they are accessible to everyone on Steam. This map pa...
Killer_luck's Map Collection
Collection by: killer_luck
Choose between the varying maps i made. All maps were designed 100% by hand for competitive play with a better look and feel to the maps. - Recommended for people wanting to play standard games on more interesting maps. --new 3v3 map with designated r...
TC Tower Defense v6
Collection by: ivicoli
This map is a cooperative tower defense, where until 7 players may to defend the wonder. Players begin with 6 villagers and 1 town center, they have to improve their civilization and at the same time build many towers around the wonder. Caution with your ...
AOE 2 real feel
Collection by: Angel of Death
I do not own any copyrights, these mods are the property of their respectives owners/creators, I just set this collection up for convenience purpose and don't intend to get any credits for the mods in this collection. If any mod creator does not approv...
Sneaky Scenario Collection
Collection by: EXXXTREMZOCKA
A collection of scenarios I created a long time ago. All maps have in common that they include some sneaky stuff I sometimes miss in RMs. Some have for example much forest - you should play these maps with civilizations which can develop siege onagers. Th...
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