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Grid Mods
Collection by Ozhara
This collection contains all subscribable Mods I found adding a grid / visible tiles to terrain textures.
RuneScape - Minigames
Collection by Fire Bob
This collection contains all the RuneScape Minigames that I have created, including Pest Control, Castle Wars and Soul Wars.
Age of Empires II The Forgotten
Collection by ZyPhr@™
10-03-2015 EN: Added Age of Empires II HD The Forgotten box cover Steam backup english version. ES: Añadido carátula para Age of Empires II HD The Forgotten en español. 25-02-2015 ES:Una nueva campaña de LMaquiel añadida a la colección. Pront...
HD Textures and Graphical Alternatives
Collection by kamster99
I'll be compiling here all the the graphics and HD texture packs I can find for people's convenience.
Ozhara's Water Replacements
Collection by Ozhara
This collection contains all water replacements I've published up to now
All mods with the tag: "Ai"
Collection by Zetnus
The search for the tag "A.i" gives you no results. This is because the in-game uploader tags the files with "Ai" not "A.i" - a subtle difference, but it means that AI scripts are much harder to find the workshop. This is a collection of all files that h...
Ozhara's Full Classic Texture Pack - FE Edition
Collection by Ozhara
This collection contains my Classic Texture Pack - FE Edition as well as some other mods you might know from my other full texture packs.
The Viking Saga Package
Collection by Tranquil-Dread
A campaign following a band of Vikings, who have stumbled into foreign territory.
AoE2 HD Restauration
Collection by tilanus
With this collection I'm trying to RESTORE & IMPROVE several textures from AoE2, because I felt the "newer ones" are either bad ones from the AoE2 beta or destroy the classic AoE2 flair. Some newer texture or maps are great though and I don't want to miss...
Rus sounds by Russian Project / Русская озвучка от Русского Проекта
Collection by .Gamersfan웃☠☢操.
Age of Empires 2 HD: Rus sounds by Russian Project (Русский Проект) Перевод не включает в себя русификацию дополнения The Forgotten Expansion ! Старая добрая пиратская озв...
Ozhara's Soundtracks - The Elder Scrolls
Collection by Ozhara
This collection contains all 'The Elder Scrolls' soundtracks, that I released for now. ------------------------------------- These tracks are neither done by me nor do I own any rights on them. No copyright infringement intended.
The Recommended
Collection by Simie
A selection of graphical mods to improve the game. Will not include any mods which break multiplayer compatability.
BF_Tanks' "This Is Much Better" Pack
Collection by {Tanksy}
- Replaces AoK:HD's retarded "New and Improved" graphics with the retro classics and some gemstones of the Workshop. - Also changes the sun to shine from the south-west (where shadows are cast from) instead of the north-east. - Replacement to the bl...
Preffered Mod Setup for AOE2 HD
Collection by Carlmundo
A list of the mods I use in conjunction with one another.
AOE II Random Map Scripts
Collection by BaskervilleX
Collection of random maps used in the MS Gaming Zone. Drop the scripts to the RANDOM folder of AOE II HD. The random maps are transfered automatically to other players if they join your lobby and the map is selected.
Ozhara's Tree and Plant Replacements
Collection by Ozhara
This collection contains all tree replacements I've done up to now.
Turtle Tactics
Collection by Faber
Full Terrain Mods
Collection by Ozhara
This collection contains all terrain mods covering (at least almost) all terrains I found at the workshop. For there are that much mods now it's going to be more and more difficult to easily compare them and find the right one. With this collection I ...
MPF Games Designs
Collection by zunnie
Here are the maps we created for Age of Empires II: HD Edition. Most are designed for a coop experience against computer controlled enemies. Visit our website and forums at :) Greetz
AoE II mods
Collection by Thomas Bazzo
Full texture Packs and separate items for AoE II HD The Forgotten. Water, trees, cliffs, mines, AI.
FERTRY AoE2HD Creations
Collection by FERTRY
These are my creations from AoE 2 HD
Hochwald Gap Collection
Collection by p4p | Strangelet
In memory of my favourite Company of Heroes map the Hochwald Gap. This is a 4v4 map 220 population cap One version with [Dock Disabled] and one version with [Dock Enabled] I tried to catch the feel of the original map even though i made a l...
Collection by -{ Lamby }-
All the classic blood maps from AOE II
Ozhara's Land Replacements
Collection by Ozhara
This collection contains all the land terrain replacements I published up to now.
Ozhara's Mine Replacements
Collection by Ozhara
This collection contains all mine replacements I've published up to now.
CBA v13.1 and Path Bloods
Collection by [Latine] Cassius
The latest CBA (v13.1) downloaded from IGZ and patched for FFA and 3v3 games. Civs balanced (Jags upgraded). 3 Path Blood versions (original, alternate, and XI) downloaded from IGZ and all bugs and cheating fixed. There were a lot of bugs. Most patchw...
Ozhara's Mountains, Rocks & Cliff Collection
Collection by Ozhara
This collection contains all seperate mountain, rock and cliff replacements I have done for now.
Collection by keyboardwarrior
Wiedel's AoE II HD+ Collection
Collection by |E~C| Wiedel
awesome units: download: To install the new unit graphics: Open the folder Re-skin mod Select and copy the files graphics.drs and...
FlakPak Visual Enhancement
Collection by Flakker
This collection aims to improve the aesthetics of Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It is fully compatible with version 3.7F. The following modifications have been made: - The color pallette was reduced in brightness - Textures are more realistic (...
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