Age of Empires II: HD Edition
Advance to the Steam Age
Explore new maps, multiplayer scenarios, and user created campaigns. Or reinvent your game experience with new sounds, visuals, AI, units, and more! Ready to share your creations with the world? Upload right from the map editor, or collaborate with friends to create a masterpiece collection.
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Bibliotheca DISCORDIA: Age de Imperiis cornu (Personal AoE2HD mods library)
Collection by: Vannevariable
Since I couldn't find an ingame toggle for the various mods I enjoy using in this game and most of them don't mix well, they are all archived in this collection so I only have to go one place to find what I'm looking for.
Really interesting texture stuff for AoE2HD
Collection by: Ren Majestic
Texture Mods that make your AoE really HD
Collection by: Rinda
My Campaigns
Collection by: geoptin
Workshop Campaigns
Game Upgrades
Collection by: ArbiterLegends
Collection by: robertbvaughan
FlakPak Visual Enhancement
Collection by: Flakker
This collection aims to improve the aesthetics of Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It is fully compatible with version 3.7F. The following modifications have been made: - The color pallette was reduced in brightness - Textures are more realistic (...
coleção age of empires HG
Collection by: afonsoacampos
jogos diferentes e muito bons para jogar.
AoE My setup
Collection by: The Cataclysm
AOE Setup
Collection by: 2D-kun 「エディ·くん」
A selection of items I use in AOE
Zach's collection of cool
Collection by: CommissarRotke
scenarios, maps, and textures for cool
Collection by: develwisher
Ozhara's Soundtracks - Game of Thrones
Collection by: Ozhara
This collection contains all my Game of Thrones soundtracks. ------------------------------------- These tracks are neither done by me nor do I own any rights on them. No copyright infringement intended.
Collection by: csjones2
Collection by: evelyne.dussault.1
AoE II campaigns/scenarios
Collection by: Thomas Bazzo
AoE II campaigns, mini-campaigns, scenarios, maps.
Collection by: RosaSama
Collection by: guille.rx
Yangzhoui's Prototype Map Pack
Collection by: Yangzhoui
A collection of al the maps that are either an old version or not fully tested yet.
Yangzhoui's Finished Map Pack
Collection by: Yangzhoui
A collection of all the Completed maps who are tested and bugfixed and tweaked.
Yangzhoui's Complete Map Pack
Collection by: Yangzhoui
All the AoE2HD maps made by me.
aoe happy
Collection by: celinejuan
age of empire
AoE II mods
Collection by: Thomas Bazzo
Full texture Packs and separate items for AoE II HD The Forgotten. Water, trees, cliffs, mines, AI.
My collection for da laziest Bullet alive :3
Collection by: The Undying
Choke Ahniga
Collection by: Tony Paco
Collection by: christiansillipp
AOE2 maps
Collection by: Shaosong
Mapas Age
Collection by: David1988
Collection by: MoFo // bang bang
Sneaky Scenario Collection
Collection by: EXXXTREMZOCKA
A collection of scenarios I created a long time ago. All maps have in common that they include some sneaky stuff I sometimes miss in RMs. Some have for example much forest - you should play these maps with civilizations which can develop siege onagers. Th...
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