Age of Empires II: HD Edition
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Explore new maps, multiplayer scenarios, and user created campaigns. Or reinvent your game experience with new sounds, visuals, AI, units, and more! Ready to share your creations with the world? Upload right from the map editor, or collaborate with friends to create a masterpiece collection.
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AOE2 mods
Collection by 14outof20
Alipheese Set-up!
Collection by Alipheese
A set of stuff I play AoE2HD with. I like it! You will too! (I hope)
aoe collection
Collection by PoisonDartFrog
aoe maps
AOE2 Map
Collection by PoisonDartFrog
aoe 2 files
Br00dy's Favourites
Collection by Br00dy
Favoriete kaarten
Collection by deelight
favoriete kaarten
King Richard Campaign for AOE 2
Collection by Legitimate Leon
This is just the first campaign out of 4. There will be 7 parts for each campaign i do, Richards campaign is really just a big test for me to expand both my skill and knowledge of the map editor for age 2. The first part for this campaign isnt the best bu...
yay collection
Collection by Andro
Collection by Preto Avuador
Collection by ScroogeMcBrick
L'Histoire de la France
Collection by nicolas.ttr
Je vous propose de revivre l'Histoire de la France du Vème au XVème siècle, au travers de cette campagne de plusieurs épisodes totalisant une centaine de scénarios. S'agissant de ma nouvelle version de cette campagne déjà mise en ligne au cours...
Zetnus's Terrain and Texture mods
Collection by Zetnus
This a collection of all the terrains and other graphical replacements I've published. It's not that many items - most of my mods are random map scripts.
Zetnus's Audio Mods
Collection by Zetnus
This is a collection of all the taunt/ music/ sound modifications that I have produced. As you might notice, it's not that many. Most of my mods are random map scripts.
Collection by Mr Fisto
Collection by pies32
AOEII Tower Defence
Collection by dunnyrock
AOEII Tower Defence - Single Player Scenario
Age of Empires 2
Collection by valphilm
Аддоны для Эпохи Империй 2
Collection by Elgrame
Enhanced HD
Collection by Tu Conciencia
Age of Empires Maps
Collection by Mr.Churk
Fun Maps
aoe 2
Collection by Melton_San
CarloV3r's map collection
Collection by CarloV3r
Hi Steam workshop browsers, This collection contains 9 maps; -CarloV3r'sThe Ancient Land of Germania ( -CarloV3r's Teutoburgerwald (
Age of Empires Collection
Collection by Killercroissants
Random stuff from Age of Empires II
age 2
Collection by akochman1
In The Bag's Glorious AoE 2 Collection
Collection by Revy
Gypsy collection
Collection by gypsysailor
Gypsy Private collection
Drakey's Fav Mod's
Collection by
Textures and Enhancers Collection Pack
Collection by Ziryon1
This collection for Age of Empires II HD Edition contains a selected pack of Textures and Enhancers for the Steam Workshop.
roman mod
Collection by Dolphinator9000
a collection of nothing pls leave
Collection by Morgen Roth
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