Age of Empires II: HD Edition
Advance to the Steam Age
Explore new maps, multiplayer scenarios, and user created campaigns. Or reinvent your game experience with new sounds, visuals, AI, units, and more! Ready to share your creations with the world? Upload right from the map editor, or collaborate with friends to create a masterpiece collection.
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best mods overall
Collection by: SGT Hekl [1st MEF]
Age of Empires 2
Collection by: Hermine
The Essential
Collection by: Michael Douglas Browneye
Age of Empires Collection
Collection by: ASCEND|SparTan
Collection by: gkuref
_Chiron_'s Scenario Pack
Collection by: _Chiron_
This is a collection of all multiplayer custom scenarios created/edited by myself!
Collection by: sirsniffsglue
Halo music collection
Collection by: LordWurstebrot
All Mods with Halo music! Have fun =)
Collection by: Conolel Timbo
aoe 2 stuff
FERTRY AoE2HD Creations
Collection by: FERTRY
These are my creations from AoE 2 HD
Collection by: ChambooOo
AoE 2 HD
Collection by: SmurfyDupe
aoe 2
Collection by: Piccoyoshi
AgeOfEmpires II - Maps
Collection by: Spirited-Snake
AoE II HD Maps
Collection by: SplitFireify
Maps for Age of Empires 2
Stuff I like
Collection by: Maaeraaca
Random stuff I just like
Collection by: Maaeraaca
Aoe HaDööö
Collection by: Monst3r
age of empires 2 hd
Collection by: Fish
mapas para jugar
Age of Empaias 2
Collection by: Bjialdorn
Collection by: alwiz99
A of E II
Age Of Empires
Collection by: LeYion XIII
Solo para descargar contenido
Total War and lord of the rings
Collection by: Aragorn-Elessar97
A Lot of great Scenarios in Age of Empires II HD, The forgotten is NOT needed! Have fun!
Collection by: First.One1
Classic AoC Collection
Collection by: Zetnus
A collection of items to restore the original AoC experience. I'm still looking for a suitable water texture pack.
Mah stuff
Collection by: Flamin'Bear
fuck it
Collection by: Don Walcmune
Noob Taunt Pack Collection
Collection by: CheeseOnToast
43 Humiliation 44 Monster Kill 45 Crying (Just like Nitro) 46 Cans.wav 47 Fuck Off You Stupid Dumb Idiot 48 Rage 49 Brand New ("Come up with a brand new meme, and impress me, you unoriginal- fruitbowl! ??") 50 LETS PUT THE FORK IN THE GARBAGE DISPO...
Croboss Collection
Collection by: croboss
Hello everyone, This collection is a collection of my best maps, feel free to look at them and subscribe. :)
Filthydelphia Campaign Collection
Collection by: Filthydelphia
Play seven acclaimed historical campaigns by an award-winning designer! *Children of a Dying Sun: Lead an Aztec rebellion in a four-scenario campaign set in the post-conquest Mexico of the 1530's. *Haiku of the Ronin: Play an innovative poetic adven...
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