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RPG set
Collection by dubstepguy [YT]
A RPG type set
CIL Collection
Collection by cil
The collection of mods I'm (Clarity In Lies) using in my current youtube playthrough of Don't Starve. It consists of some basic game tweaks and some pretty major changes, but the mods remain balanced. The majority of the mods are from various other collec...
mods which Goodguy is using now
Collection by Another Good Guy
it's useful .
Don't Starve Modded Lets Play Day 1-
Collection by Lower Intestine Larry
This Collection Is for when people want to play dont starve as I do.
BearraeB's Collection
Collection by Nice, Icy BearraeB
Just a collection of mods I use, what else do you want from me?
Collection by codzprc
Frigid's Picks
Collection by Frigid
must have's
Basic Mod kit
Collection by frano9191
A little pack of mods for the newbies players
Modded DS
Collection by Sh'Dynasty
My Modded Don't Starve
Collection by HYODO_JP_
----MODリスト---- (アップデートにより、一部MOD名やコンフィグ画面の有無が異なる場合があります。) <MODを使用する際、入れておくとストレスフリーになるMOD> Manual Workshop Update  MO...
Madmaneaters Dont Starve
Collection by Madmaneater
dis one
Collection by Jurunão
Don't starve: Gentle Modpack
Collection by Loomy Loo
Just a random assortment of mods to brighten up your gaming experience.
My DS Essentials
Collection by Pizza Dawg
Just the set of mods I use during play, it'll probably change pretty often as I find new things I like.
Collection by крутой перец
For Amanda
Collection by ♥T.S.S♥ Gnar ∞ Sylveon
Personal Use Collection
Collection by Wolfy-Sama
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by townsendadam23
Don't Starve Mods
Personal Collection
Collection by JRuvi
A lot of interesting mod very usefull and funnies
Collection by miokanu de macacu
coleçao facilitadora
dont die
Collection by coolbatman
PACK CREATED BY COOLBATMAN. PLS DO NOT GIVE CREDIT TO ME GIVE IT TO THE MOD CREATORS. all of the top mods u can think of i will always update . use all mods for the best gameplay. (msg me if there is a probablem with the pack) ps: sorry about the bad spel...
Katteni Collection
Collection by SHiNObU
This is my personal collection Its can work together (for me) so you can push "subscribe to all" If your find some mod conflict plz tell me ****************************Warning!!************************************* Disable Small Text or Let your...
Mods I use on my stream :D
Collection by sCop3SCouT
The list of mods I use on my stream :D
Don't Starve Furry :3
Collection by ๖FoxSerito
Furry characters
DS Super Ultimate Modded Survival (A.K.A DSSUMS)
Collection by CoffeeGopher, The Face Master
A mod pack made for only the most extreme DS players, and a side note, a few mods may only be compatible with RoG so you may need to disable those.
Don't Starve
Collection by PhoenixRisiing
Scoot Survives! :D
Collection by ༼ ºل͟º S C O O T ºل͟º
Dint Sterv
Collection by siegemyhero
A collection of good things for don't Starve that heavily adjust gameplay
dont starve
Collection by ZackSkater.exe
Collection by 89cheerful
Big Money, Big Women, Big Fun!
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