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Portal's MLG League Modding Collection
Collection by: portal-chan~~ kawaii uguu desu
All mods made by me.
Krampus Challenge Collection!
Collection by: SerJonSnow
These are the mods I use in my Krampus Challenge miniseries! Make sure you play as Wigfrid!
Bdiz4Shiz's Grand Scheme
Collection by: DAYMAN
The mods that work best, and add what is missing in don't starve. I like to focus on character specialization (starting items), world and gameplay refinement (dawn, always on stats, ect.), as well as adding craftables that should have always been craft...
No crash pack :D 23.10.2013
Collection by: tetkris
Few utilities mods , only mods which no crash don't starve game for update "All's Well that Maxwell" . This is very tested modpack
A Don't Starve Mod Pack
Collection by: Lok2
Just my favorites, no need to judge. Adds a lot of extra content to your game!
Mes Mods
Collection by: opino72
Mes mods Don't Starve
The best mods of Dont starve
Collection by: The Wild Tootis
Idk if theas mods work togter but ther all qutie fun.
Adventure Pack
Collection by: Gunner_02
This pack will bring only the best mods that add exciting adventure to don't starve!
Starvation Pack
Collection by: [LoL]Capt. HeeHaw
Helpful Stuff 4 Not Dying!
(RoG) Realism
Collection by: [UmbrA] Ace™
These all work well together, only enable up to date mods!
Nickoli1228's Dont Starve Collection
Collection by: Terry Crews
My collection of mods for Dont Starve WARNING: Has not been fully tested yet, ill get back onto you guys on that what did you think it was?
Hardcore Don't Starve Mod Compilation
Collection by: BobaAsdf
This is made for those who want Don't Starve harder, without having to have RoG - i only put it in a pack like this to remember the set of mods put together, but, i decided to publish it a bit later... so, now its published. ._.
dont starve tf2
Collection by: foxy:3
wel i just created this for fun
Ika Musume Tentacular Selections!
Collection by: EvilㅤSquid
Contains both versions of the Ika Musume mod for your chosing.
my don't starve pack of mods
Collection by: Joe The Turtle
its a pack of mods that i think are the best of the best it will contain difffrent ones that will make the dont starve game more intresting on a diffrent level it will be fun ones cool ones and no boring + stupid ones so i hope you choose this pack.
Dont Starve for my friends
Collection by: philbert
for my freinds
Don't Starve smooth Collection
Collection by: Minx
The smooth pack is a collection of many mods that make the game smoother with better control with less work and effort to just have fun.
Star Collection
Collection by: star
Grandmother level easy mode
Collection by: Mrs Serious
Makes the game really easy.
Bro time
Collection by: Nefarious
Just a small collection to for my friends to play.
My mods
Collection by: [EDI] Solomon S> Unusual Anger
This is just the collection of mods I use to make my world more interesting than the standard game allows. I am aware that it removes some of the challenge, however, it does allow me to be more creative with the world and what it gives me.
The Little Things
Collection by: BallisticallySimilar
My humble collection of experience-improving mods. Because.
Collection by: _jwo
A bunch of mods that i use in my regular Don't Starve game. It adds little touches to the game so that the main experince doesnt get spoiled. It might work in ROG. Leave in the comments any suggestions.
Starve 1
Collection by: Shidar
Набор самого необходимого и лучшего
Flame Cat
Collection by: Mr. Ouphe
this is my first mod. if it doesn't work let me know. it should have the ability to burn down flammable items if you want hunger::215 sanity::125 heart::150 This mod might not work.. do NOT be surprised if it doesn't work
Grandpa's packy pack
Collection by: Weston-kun
Mods just for Sky
xLOLxTSNOOPS ModPack V. 1.0
Collection by: xLOLxTSNOOPS
A collection of what I think, are the best mods that Don't Starve has to offer!
My Mods
Collection by: Sought After
For alsetho
Interface Improvements
Collection by: Kohbo
Collection of interface tweeks that add functionality without compromising the difficulty intended by the developers.
Content Expansion
Collection by: Pumpkin
Mods that add to the game content without making it easy. Mods that add new items and/or features.
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