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Make my Wolrd less boring
Collection by ballmaple
Personal Collection : )
Sonic the Hedgehog Collection
Collection by bassmaster
A collection of mods about Sonic and other characters from the franchise for Don't Starve (there is also one for Don't Starve Together).
Kaelduur's DS Collection
Collection by Kaelduur
Moje mody x2
Collection by Mikchael
Foxxy's Don't Starve Collection Of Fun And Usefulness!
Collection by Rebba Lapton
This is the stuff I use to make Don't Starve more interesting and such.
MASTER don`t starve collection
Collection by +cl+
Собрал самые нужные моды в одну коллекцию P.S. Может моды и бесполезные ,но они мне нравятся
The Final Frontier
Collection by A Modest Espeon
A bunch of mods that i truly think improves the experience of Don't Starve This mod makes it somewhat easier to survive and to craft items that are usually hard to get This does not diminish the overall difficulty and forces you to make certain deci...
SerJonSnow's Don't Starve Mod Spotlights
Collection by SerJonSnow
These are all the mods I use in all my spotlights that make testing mods so much easier.
dudzialne mody.
Collection by hangingtree
Z's Easy Mode
Collection by Z
It has a shitload of mods that make my life easier that will make your life easier.
Don't Starve Goodie Pack
Collection by El Alquimista
A great bunch of mods which don't change the difficulty of the game much at all.
The Hoove's Pack
Collection by FezHoof [Kermo]
This Mod has NOTHING to actually do with Ponies just my collection of cool mods
Don't Starve Swag
Collection by Mr. Nuke-all-Day
Collection by Leonan, the pizz0r
Don't Starve Essentials
Collection by Gingyr
This is a collection of essential mods for Don't Starve, I hope you guys like it. This collection contains the following mods: DisplayFoodValues Equivalent Exchange 1.2.-1 Haunted House Health Regen Minimap HUD More Fuel Sum...
My private thing
Collection by TokTic
Stuff here
More Easy,Nothing Bland
Collection by Pedro
Are you tired of a difficult game because its quick death? Your problems are over! this modpack you will live a life as it should, hunting the way it should without those little things that hindered you in a game! example: Your pick is almost breaking,...
Don't Starve
Collection by DaimonXD
Collection by [ODH]Noxius
Bug Item Tweaks: Updated
Collection by -=|JFH|=-Destroyer47
ALL CREDITS GO TO =|:3 (original author) FOR BOTH MODS; I am merely updating these because the author was no where to be found and so was the mod as I tried contacting him earlier. Bee Nice: Bees will not attack when harvesting a bee box while wearing ...
starving is for nerds
Collection by Chef Boyareyoudrunk
please, take a seat.
Paxxit 2014- Don't Starve Modpack
Collection by PaxMePro
My official awesome modpack, for Don't Starve, made like Hexxit, to make the game have more of a fun feeling! 100 Items and counting... Stay Tuned For Paxxit 2015
Don't starve working mods collection
Collection by Crazycat
so good
People Pack
Collection by AlienKing8787
My First pack and i really am not going to say five millon things in this pack so ENJOY! P.S. If theres some people i didnt put in this pack just leave what its called in the comments. Thank you!
chris epic mod pack
Collection by crittopher22803
the mods i picked for this are my favorite
Don't Starve Essentials (Optional additions)
Collection by Mask The Terrible
Some of these mods either make the game harder or I feel just may not fit in with the rest. mods include: - season themed mods - too many items, in case you wana test and fool around with the mod pack. (help me find bugs and compatability issues) -...
Ultimate Character Pack
Collection by MetallicMoose
I've made a selection of many characters and I think these are perfect for playing when you are bored of the normal charecters. Have Fun!
Serie de mods [Anomen]
Collection by Anomen
Crock Pot recipes and ingredients
Collection by star
Only ingredients and recipes for Crock Pot for those who like cooking. All recipes you can find on russian wiki:Модификации/Казан If you don't understand, just look at the pictures in topics. :D
Moriarty (DS-Mod Pack)
Collection by Danteo Moriarty
Tak tohle je moje osobní kolekce módů do DS o kterých si myslím že by je měl mít každý :) Samozřejmně se tam najdou Módy které si přidávat nemusíte :) ALe je to výběr těch opravdu nejlepších a nejužitečnějších :)
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