Don't Starve
Customize your wilderness adventure!
Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to survive in the wilderness, or create new challenges for yourself and others. Click here to learn more and get started!
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Collection by: Aroma
난이도를 최대한 건들지 않는 편이 상승 모드
Minecraft Starve Mods
Collection by: TheDoctorHatezCowz
This is a collection of some of the mods I liked, together they seemed like minecraft ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This collection is for the the stuff of nightmares T...
Turkish Language Mod
Collection by: Nova ● Darkendless
That mod, add 'Turkish Language' to game. And it's not finished, just %18 translate the game
Damage Indicators
Collection by: s1m13
All versions of the epic and massivly underrated Damage Indicators Mod.
SerJonSnow's Don't Starve Mod Bonanza Playthrough!
Collection by: SerJonSnow
These are all the mods I'm using in my new Don't Starve playthrough!
La Kulucolección de Mods para Mancos
Collection by: Kuluneken
for beginners
Collection by: Trionix :3
Collection by: [Red]Sword
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: Hastur
The mods I personally use when playing Don't Starve.
Thought_Crime's suscribed mods.
Collection by: *Thought_Crime*
This is for friends to see what im using. Make sure to only use the correct freezer mod. I did not make these mods all credit to original creator's this collection is made specifically to show freinds what mods im using and reccomend the mods to th...
My Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: [NOR]OddBLood
not actually mine!!! these are the mods that i use.
Don't Starve Addons for Enhanced Experience
Collection by: MrSauce
This mix of add-ons makes for a great combination of slight modifications which will likely enhance the experience for many.
Mont Gomery's Pro Survivalist Collection
Collection by: Mont Gomery [HEAD $ℳẌУ MOD]
This is for the kind of person who likes crazy/helpful/stupidly fun mods
must have mods
Collection by: SillySil
collection made for my friends
На что подписан
Collection by: Lucifer
Don't Starve Modded
Collection by: Duke_Jordan
These are the mods i play with Most of them at least some are there for your choice!
APG dont starve pack
Collection by: APGcyborg12
this is how we play. update #1 added 2 new characters.
DS easy and interesting
Collection by: matt_f4rell
my collection is made of almost everything that can make your DS life easier and more interesting. collection will be updated as interesting mods will be created by other authors. Thanks to everyone who makes mods for this game!
My private thing
Collection by: [MLP] TomeFan
Stuff here
The Hoove's Pack
Collection by: FezHoof
This Mod has NOTHING to actually do with Ponies just my collection of cool mods
Don't starve
Collection by: Coral_Kirby
a useful mod collection
French Beginner
Collection by: Joranamael
Team Fortress 2 Characters
Collection by: Juggernaut915
Team Fortress 2 Characters :D Please rate the Collection :3
More Easy,Nothing Bland
Collection by: PedroGX
Are you tired of a difficult game because its quick death? Your problems are over! this modpack you will live a life as it should, hunting the way it should without those little things that hindered you in a game! example: Your pick is almost breaking,...
A NeatWolf's Don't Starve MODS collection
Collection by: NeatWolf
This is a collection of all the Don't Starve MODs I published so far. You can subscribe to all mods, but have only 1 Godly Fire mod enabled simultaneously. Leave a comment, rate, o make a suggestion for another MOD you'd like to see, if you feel to! ^^
Don't Starve
Collection by: DaimonXD
Collection by: Noxius
Don't Starve Essentials
Collection by: Abel
This is a collection of essential mods for Don't Starve, I hope you guys like it. This collection contains the following mods: DisplayFoodValues Equivalent Exchange 1.2.-1 Haunted House Health Regen Minimap HUD More Fuel Sum...
Collection by: codzprc
Life...... (for RoG)
Collection by: Eazy_Goer
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