Don't Starve
Customize your wilderness adventure!
Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to survive in the wilderness, or create new challenges for yourself and others. Click here to learn more and get started!
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Don't Starve: My Little Pony ModPack
Collection by: Budgiekey
A collection of all good MLP related mods compatible with Don't Starve. Please P.M. me if you know of any MLP mods I have not seen.
Very needed...
Collection by: :3
RPG 25 HUD or RPH 55 + Always on Top Increase you're experience: 1. Display Food Values 2. Status Bar + More Slots (25 40 55) + Amulet and Backpack Slot = (RPG HUD + Always on Top) 3. Minimap HUD 4. More Chester Upgrades ( Chested the Enlighted ...
Don't Starve Vanilla+
Collection by: A Wild Idiot...
Found yourself confused so to where everything is? Or how you froze in the summer? Unable to do anything for long periods at a time? Did you starve? No worries, this is the collection of mods for you, this collection focuses on improving your Reign of ...
Collection by: GiggleCrunch
Collection by: Aroma
난이도를 최대한 건들지 않는 편이 상승 모드
Don't Starve Mod pack
Collection by: Knox
This is a mod collection that I use in my Don't Starve game! I hope you like it.
SerJonSnow's Don't Starve Mod Bonanza Playthrough!
Collection by: SerJonSnow
These are all the mods I'm using in my new Don't Starve playthrough!
Don't Starve for Dummies
Collection by: Laralth
A collection of mods that will make your game funnier and a little easier...but without the feeling of cheating :D
Won't Starve
Collection by: Dovahbear
Die before reaching day 10? Can't find enough flint in order to make new tools? Your food get spoiled too quickly? Then this collection is for you! Won't starve is a mod collection that makes crafting, cooking and surviving easier! What this coll...
Don't Starve - Expansions
Collection by: Panicfly
This collection includes mods which adds new characters, items, creatures, pets, interface changes and scenarios.All these mods are compatible with the RoG DLC. (Status : Wednesday 8/20/2014) Like this collection for more :) Anyone who has ideas to...
Professor's Pack
Collection by: Farnsworth
A collection of all my work for Don't Starve. Mostly environment enhancement.
Collection by: EnderDoesGaming
All The Mods I Use In My Heavily Modded Don't Starve, With MANY New Characters To Choose From And Many New Ways To Survive And Die And At One Point This Modpack Might Actually Make It Considered More Living Than Surviving, Enjoy. A LOT of Time Went Into ...
Don't Starve: 2Modded4Me
Collection by: SerJonSnow
These are the mods I use in my second modded Don't Starve series with Webber!
Don't Starve RPG Collection (Normal & ROG Compatible)
Collection by: Thurss [BR]
EN: Don't Starve RPG Collection is not a pack of mods that makes its easy to play, but a more realistic game (a little more), it leaves certain aspects of the game more difficult, and in certain aspects of the game easier. Subscribe and tell me what you ...
Damage Indicators
Collection by: s1m13
All versions of the epic and massivly underrated Damage Indicators Mod.
Translated mods (russian)
Collection by: star
В коллекции собраны все частично или полностью переведённые моды. Помните, что для русского нужно два мода: - русификатор игры (Russian Language Pac...
La Kulucolección de Mods para Mancos
Collection by: Kuluneken
for beginners
Collection by: it's fani wini pider
Collection by: [Red]Sword
Mont Gomery's Pro Survivalist Collection
Collection by: Monty Python Head $ℳẌУ Mod
This is for the kind of person who likes crazy/helpful/stupidly fun mods
A NeatWolf's Don't Starve MODS collection
Collection by: NeatWolf
This is a collection of all the Don't Starve MODs I published so far. You can subscribe to all mods, but have only 1 Godly Fire mod enabled simultaneously. Leave a comment, rate, o make a suggestion for another MOD you'd like to see, if you feel to! ^^
Thought_Crime's suscribed mods.
Collection by: [Walking_Coma]
This is for friends to see what im using. I did not make these mods all credit to original creator's this collection is made specifically to show freinds what mods im using and reccomend the mods to them.
Don't Starve Must Have
Collection by: Reconix
Don't Starve Must have mods All tested and working together as of 12.04.14, some I've updated slightly and to get rid of the pesky out of date message that you your self can easily do this using there tool too. I can carry on updates upon request and a...
Don't Starve - Erweiterungen
Collection by: Panicfly
Diese Kollektion umfasst verschiedenste Mods, die neue Charakter, Items, Kreaturen, Tiere, Interfaceveränderungen und auch neue Szenarien hinzufügen.Alle Erweiterungen sind mit dem RoG DLC kompatibel. (Stand : Mittwoch, 20. August 2014) Bewertet dies...
Don't Starve Addons for Enhanced Experience
Collection by: MrSauce
This mix of add-ons makes for a great combination of slight modifications which will likely enhance the experience for many.
must have mods
Collection by: SillySil
collection made for my friends
My Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: [NOR] Viking
not actually mine!!! these are the mods that i use.
Don't Starve Modded
Collection by: Duke_Jordan
These are the mods i play with Most of them at least some are there for your choice!
APG dont starve pack
Collection by: [EG]APGcyborg12
this is how we play. update #1 added 2 new characters.
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