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Realistic Survival
Collection by: Molester Man
This is just a little Colletion of some mods for Don't Starve (RoG) of whom I think they make the Game more Realistic and a bit better. If I find some good mods I will add them into this Colletion , so don't worry I will keep it up to date ; ) Some mo...
Don't starve useful mods
Collection by: XIIN+
*The background pic is from : hi here, this is all I think it'll be useful mods, hope you like it! - *which I think you should use it : Always On Status Backpack and Amulet Slots FD...
SerJonSnow's Don't Starve Mod Bonanza Playthrough!
Collection by: SerJonSnow
These are all the mods I'm using in my new Don't Starve playthrough!
Turkish Language Mod
Collection by: Nova ● Darkendless
That mod, add 'Turkish Language' to game. And it's not finished, just %18 translate the game
Great Mods for More Realistic and Interesting Gameplay
Collection by: RootBeer820
Great Mods for More Realistic and Interesting Gameplay! The Mods I Use Are... Architectural Geometry, Auto Catch, Quick Loader, Dawnbreak, Display Food Values, Just Larger Chests, Lighter Logs, Mini Map HUD, N Tools, Oh Poop, Plantable Rabbit Holes, ...
Won't Starve
Collection by: Dovahbear [S.G]
Die before reaching day 10? Can't find enough flint in order to make new tools? Your food get spoiled too quickly? Then this collection is for you! Won't starve is a mod collection that makes crafting, cooking and surviving easier! What this coll...
Useful mods.
Collection by: vinny
A pack that contains some useful mods to make the game a lil bit better.
Don't Starve - Expansions (Status : Sunday 02/15/2015)
Collection by: Panicfly | Road to Silver 1
This collection includes mods which adds new characters, items, creatures, pets, interface changes and scenarios.All these mods are compatible with the RoG DLC. (Status : Sunday 02/15/2015) ---------------------------------------------------------------...
Easy Mode
Collection by: ♥ boat ♥ | SimplyTF
Is Don't Starve too hard? *insert another slogan which describes the collection perfectly here*? Then get Easy Mode! This collection of mods makes the game super easy! Including a backpack slot, bigger stacks and no rotting food! I also feel it is nece...
Original Don't Strave experience (updated 2015/01/09)
Collection of Don't Strave mods. They make hardcore gameplay possible. They don't affect game balance. You generally wouldn't see (big) difference when playing with/without them. All mods tested with base game 2014/11/18 These mods do not: - add mo...
too cool to die!
Collection by: talit2000
the ultimate cheating mod pack! if you die after this you are really trying to!
Don't Starve Mod pack
Collection by: Knox
This is a mod collection that I use in my Don't Starve game! I hope you like it.
Legendary Weapons Collection
Collection by: TSGB
Collection of different weapons from fantasy, games and movies. For now, there are only 3 my swords, but I'll add Excalibur, Soulcalibur, Soul Edge (from Soulcalibur), Glamdring, Mjölnir, Kladenets, and lots of other awesome weapon.
Collection by: Kamina
All The Mods I Use In My Heavily Modded Don't Starve, With MANY New Characters To Choose From And Many New Ways To Survive And Die And At One Point This Modpack Might Actually Make It Considered More Living Than Surviving, Enjoy. A LOT of Time Went Into ...
Don't Starve for Dummies
Collection by: Laralth
A collection of mods that will make your game funnier and a little easier...but without the feeling of cheating :D
French Beginner
Collection by: Joranamael
Collection by: GiggleCrunch
Collection by: Aroma
난이도를 최대한 건들지 않는 편이 상승 모드
Simple utilities (RoG)
Collection by: Maverik
Utilities that alter as little as possible the base game and not make it less difficult
My DS Mods~
Collection by: [提督]Levi
Just a collection of mods I've done and may add too or update if time allows.
Half-Life Pack
Collection by: Vova_Freeman
Collection on the theme of Half-Life.
Moje mody
Collection by: Mikchael
Takie tam.
Don't Starve: 2Modded4Me
Collection by: SerJonSnow
These are the mods I use in my second modded Don't Starve series with Webber!
Pika's Mod Collection
Collection by: Annelmeye
This here is the collection for all of my mods! Of course, there's only one right now, but I'll be releasing more later!
Evil Squid Character Pack
Collection by: Squid the Cold Hearted
Contains any character I make. Currently includes Cthulhu, DEM the Skeleton Knight, Ika Musume, Snerm, Sailor Mercury, Isabelle, all four of the Residents, King K. Rool, and Carol Tea! More to come! Also included is the Pillager's Gear! SOME OF THES...
Don't Starve RPG Collection (Normal & ROG Compatible)
Collection by: Thurss
EN: Don't Starve RPG Collection is not a pack of mods that makes its easy to play, but a more realistic game (a little more), it leaves certain aspects of the game more difficult, and in certain aspects of the game easier. Subscribe and tell me what you ...
Don't Starve must needs
Collection by: UndeadWaffle101
Some mods from the Steam Workshop that might help you in times of need.
Collection by: s1m13
All versions of the epic and massivly underrated Damage Indicators Mod.
Don't Starve Essentials
Collection by: Mask The Terrible
This is my collection of Don't starve mods that i find essential, Alot of these add to the game without over powering it, so i really enjoy this mod pack. I thought others would like a mod that sadds to the game, granting new ways to survive, without over...
The Five Nights at Freddy's Set
Collection by: Bonnielicious
For all them FN@F lovers and Don't Starve survivalists out there, install these mods for a whole new adventure with your favourite Animatronic Animals ;) Some characters might still in development and be changed in time. Characters have different st...
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