Don't Starve
Customize your wilderness adventure!
Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to survive in the wilderness, or create new challenges for yourself and others. Click here to learn more and get started!
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Mandy : The grim girl
Collection by: NeoDrem
Mandy is a grim, evil, hateful little girl, with nary a single ounce of fear in her entire body, and more hate in her pinky than Satan's whole body. She in fact, owns the Grim Reaper himself, by earning his loyalty through a game in which she won. ~~~~...
Mod Tools
Collection by: PaxMePro
For Mod Testing And Tools!
Dont Starve ModPack
Collection by: DragonPower2000
Here Is Some NIce Mods For Dont Starve. Have Fun.
wow such favorite very interestning
Collection by: sea's sweep
More good stuff
Collection by: ♚ King Bowser Koopa
Good mods that does not affect gameplay much. The mods are not made by me. More stuff will be added when I see moar stuff that are both good and...good. Not going to add character mods even if they are good.
Ia Cthulhu! Ia!
Collection by: Sailor Squid
Contains both Cthulhu mods for your choosing.
The Bored Squid Character Pack
Collection by: Sailor Squid
Contains any character I make. Currently includes Cthulhu, DEM the Skeleton Knight, Ika Musume, Snerm, Sailor Mercury, and the ever-changing Experiment. More to come! MOST OF THESE MODS REQUIRE RoG TO WORK!
keyblades stuff
Collection by: Keyblade28
Collection by: Dino
Just a few mods i put together simple yet fun
Doctor Who in Don't Starve
Collection by: Eviltechnomonkey
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: Shichirobei
My favourite mods.
Don't Starve
Collection by: gabrielid99
Doctor Who!!!
My Mods
Collection by: xHardcore(Volibear)
don't starve
Collection by: larsoncandi
Don't starve
Collection by: [LM356]
Always On Status -- 顯示HP、San、 Hungry、 善惡度跟溫度等數字 Minimap HUD -- 右上角顯示小地圖 DisplayFoodValues -- 選則食物時顯示回復的 HP、 San and Hungry 數字 Where's Rabbit hole? -- 小地圖顯示兔子洞位置 ...
Hastur selected mods
Collection by: Hastur
Picked some mods that look nice together
Don't Starve Stuff
Collection by: Daedalus423 know... stuff
Collection by: Rileypotts1
SwedishBox: Don't Starve
Collection by: SwedishDefender
Offical SwedishDefender and Swedish Defender stuff.
Awesome mods
Collection by: Crystal_Roses
For all the Don't Starve mods I love most
Things I helped out with a bit one time
Collection by: KidneyBeanBoy
Waverly is self explanatory, it shows you my role. In U&A, I was a writer, but due to my being ten, I was kicked out. I'm now testing the mod for them to help 'em out.
Dont Starve
Collection by: Wren
My Dont Starve Collection
Don't Starve immersive as possible and funny mod list
Collection by: Survival of the Fittest
i try to add immersive as possible mods to the list. i dont add cheat mods.
Realistik Don't Starve Mods (I think so)
Collection by: Hillankey2002
I think that these modifications realistik. (Translated to English by Google)
Dont Starve Character
Collection by: thefoxden43
Don't Starve!!
Collection by: DatBoyoh
Don't Starve
Collection by: [TG-L] AsQuickAs
don`t starve
Collection by: joao_gabriel_gh
minha coleção mostra muitas personagens legais do don`t starve
Collection by: 1san
a few realistic mods i found and thought should be bound together for easy sharing.
Collection by: mike_gennaio
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