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Don't Starve
Collection by: △LoneWolf▽
starving is for nerds
Collection by: Chef Boyareyoudrunk
please, take a seat.
Bug Item Tweaks: Updated
Collection by: -=|JFH|=-Destroyer47
ALL CREDITS GO TO =|:3 (original author) FOR BOTH MODS; I am merely updating these because the author was no where to be found and so was the mod as I tried contacting him earlier. Bee Nice: Bees will not attack when harvesting a bee box while wearing ...
Won't Starve
Collection by: Dovahbear
Die before reaching day 10? Can't find enough flint in order to make new tools? Your food get spoiled too quickly? Then this collection is for you! Won't starve is a mod collection that makes crafting, cooking and surviving easier! What this coll...
Top Hat Trio
Collection by: cappycode
These mods were created in response to a very long Wilson Higgsbury "Magic!Anon" on my tumblr ask blog ( Thus, Professor Layton, The Warden and The Once-ler are all part of a set. Huge shout out to the anonymous person tha...
Half-Life Pack
Collection by: Vova_Freeman
Collection on the theme of Half-Life.
Collection by: deadpillar
Mr. Hastings Mods
Collection by: Hast
This is a collection of all my Don't Starve mods. As you can see I like variety so there are mods with characters, items, weapons, food, pets and more. What are the characteristics of mods that I create? * I'm making many updates to my mods, to balance...
Realistic Survival
Collection by: Molester Man
This is just a little Colletion of some mods for Don't Starve (RoG) of whom I think they make the Game more Realistic and a bit better. If I find some good mods I will add them into this Colletion , so don't worry I will keep it up to date ; ) Some mo...
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