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Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to survive in the wilderness, or create new challenges for yourself and others. Click here to learn more and get started!
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Collection of Not Starving
Collection by Heir of Breath
Don't Starve
Collection by FUCKING NOOB
Dont Starv
Collection by wraith killer
Collection by Velyx
Dont Starve collection
Collection by Dr. Chaos
My personal collection of mods i found to be nice additions to Dont Starve
DemonCatLord's Collection
Collection by Demon Cat Lord
It's not interesting don't use it.
A collection that has stuff.
Collection by Darkblitz
You read the title. Need I say more?
GcJosh's Collection
Collection by GcJosh
Mods that work
Collection by BearFrog
These are the mods im trying/know work. When I enable mods the game crashes one second into the loading screen. And once it has done that I have to delete ALL Don't Starve game data. ALL OF IT.
Don't Starve mods
Collection by Kitty-chan
Mods I Use While Streaming
Collection by ThatMoistGuy
This is just the mods I use while streaming Don't Starve on my twitch channel at :D
The Simple Additions Collection
Collection by Neogenesis12
A collection of various mods that offer a fresh new experience, all the while keeping the simplicity of the game's roots. "keep it simple." -NeoG.12
Expanded Cast Pack
Collection by Object 104
A gathering of unique and eclectic characters from all walks of life and reflecting a myriad of play-styles. These characters serve to multiply the available cast one can select from, with 55+ unique individual characters added. If there's a character you...
RPG set
Collection by poopadi99
A RPG type set
Don't Starve Helpful Mods!
Collection by Toey
Some helpful and interesting mods I use for Don't Starve!
Dont Starve lucaam5
Collection by lucaam5 ᕕ( ⁰ ▽ ⁰ )ᕗ
Alles Tolle aus Dont starve
Compressed Mods!!! [Read description!]
Collection by DioKlau
I didn't created any of this mods, this is just my max combination of mods after tons of hours. How to get this work: - Enable all the mods, except character mods and extra backpack/amulet slot mod. - Apply and go to Main Menu - Now reenter and enab...
Dont starve und so
Collection by Badbyte
Dont Starve mod
Collection by Lapis Lazuli
Collection by Jwells1330
Tool and Item Tweaks
Collection by Jwells1330
World Interaction Tweaks
Collection by Jwells1330
New Crafting Recipes
Collection by Jwells1330
New Items
Collection by Jwells1330
Hud and Visual Changes
Collection by Jwells1330
Set Pieces
Collection by Jwells1330
Slightly more realistic world mods
Collection by Berz
Just some stuff I found that enhances the realism of certain mechanics/generation/etc. Everything is tested to see if it is compatible together. BIG shoutout to all the mod creators who probably worked their butts off to create these, I don't take any cre...
DS improve pack
Collection by Mabbel
Few improve for game. Add Minimap Add more objects on map. Feature ability to hide map control buttons. Feature ability to stick one recipe to screen. Better reorganize stats HUD. You can now see target healths. Add abilty to guess what you make ...
Mods Don't Starve
Collection by Haricot-Sama
Don't Starve Character Mods
Collection by Relkar
A few chracter mods for don't starve, WARNING NO CHARACTERS FROM OTHER GAMES!
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