Don't Starve
Customize your wilderness adventure!
Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to survive in the wilderness, or create new challenges for yourself and others. Click here to learn more and get started!
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luke and ethan
Collection by: SecretAsianMan
boom boom booooooom
my mods
Collection by: Gipsy On Acid
Man, Too Good.
Collection by: zaka888
too gud m890
No Te Mueras De Ambre
Collection by: Aivan15
Everything is going crazy !
Collection by: Alpaca OP
I think this is the best and the most funny way to play DS XD . Note : This collection has the Compromising Survival Mod (You can thank me later , newbies ;D) BUT i've got a way to balance it : Everytime you reload the save , you have to throw 20 piec...
моды для DS
Collection by: Solnc
That one collection of mods
Collection by: Hatty Hattington
Just a bunch of mods, man what more can I say?
Vilgut's Choice
Collection by: Vilgut
Don't starve working mods collection
Collection by: Crazycat
so good
Minha Coleção - HP
Collection by: Hermann Pereira
Minha coleção
Collection by: newfern
This collection doesn't affect the integrity of the game play. It only brings into workarounds that I would have created externally any way. For example, rather than hitting the wiki every time I get food ingredients, just use the Crock Pot predictor mod....
Collection by: nathan___001
Just a few mods to enhance the Vanilla version of the game. No mods have altered gameplay, mainly UI changes and just a few things that should have been in the Vanilla version of the game to start with. I dont make or own any of these mods.
Don't Starve base collection
Collection by: -=KeK=-THE FLEXICAN
hi hi hi hi hehehehe :3
Basic Mod kit
Collection by: frano9191
A little pack of mods for the newbies players
Half-Life Pack
Collection by: Vova_Freeman
Collection on the theme of Half-Life.
Dont Starve Workshop add-ons
Collection by: Defiance
My damn collection.
Collection by: Maaaaaary Christmas!
Collection by: deadpillar
Mods used in TheMM00s3's Don't Starve Modded Playthrough.
Collection by: TheMM00s3
These are the mods that I choose to use for my Modded playthrough. I do not own any of the following mods, they belong to there respective owners so please go and subscribe to there mods and support the wonderful people who made them ^-^ Here is my Playt...
Top Hat Trio
Collection by: cappycode
These mods were created in response to a very long Wilson Higgsbury "Magic!Anon" on my tumblr ask blog ( Thus, Professor Layton, The Warden and The Once-ler are all part of a set. Huge shout out to the anonymous person tha...
Mod's de Utilidade - Dont'Starve
Collection by: slimesaur
Mod's de utilidade para Dont'Starve.
Collection by: ReddietoSLEIGH
Frigid's Picks
Collection by: Frigid
must have's
HUD mods
Collection by: Pike Slayer
SnapDragon's Don't Starve mods
Collection by: SnapDragon
This is a collection of the mods I have created for Don't Starve.
DS mods/add-ons
Collection by: FoubouT
Collection of useful add-ons and mods for Don't Starve (may not be compatible with Reign of Giants).
Dont Starve GUI
Collection by: Darth Vladi
for friends
Collection by: Wolf Sharp Skar
Welcome to hell with me!
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: beauxslim
Für Mau
Collection by: k.haoz
Für meine Freundin :D
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