Don't Starve
Customize your wilderness adventure!
Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to survive in the wilderness, or create new challenges for yourself and others. Click here to learn more and get started!
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The Ultimate RPG Expeirence
Collection by: Weeee12100
This makes the game more like an RPG, meaning RPG mods so you know what to do!
Collection by: SavageHenry
Don't Starve Mods I Use
Collection by: Vitruvius
Will, Mike, and anyone else who buys Don't Starve, Get these Mods because they are really good ones.
Collection by: jyotika.bahree
Just stuff I like.
Jukebox discs to Don't Starve by ZombiePL
Collection by: Zombek
Jukebox discs to Don't Starve by ZombiePL
Best Collection
Collection by: Pensive Pineapple
The best mod collection.
Vladdykins' "useful" optimization pack!
Collection by: Dr. Vladdykins
A mostly useful and definitely-not-cheating collection of mods and improvements that make the game significantly less of a pain in the ass! Yay!
DS Survive
Collection by: Dark
Перечень всех необходимых модов для комфортной игры
Satori Komeiji
Collection by: Kazuma Kazugaea
Collection by: squiraya
Don't Fart
Collection by: Akemi
DLC workshop Don't Starve.
Dont starve
Collection by: mrogo
for making art in your world
Collection by: breadariz
if you are bored of survival and want to make some awesome bases or artwork... these mods will help you with it.
Don't starve
Collection by: Wolfa
Dont Starve - Three Cat Skins
Collection by: GamerOnDutyʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ
These Tree Cat Was A Family! And Now They Land In A New Place Called Dont Starve
Don't Starve Stuff
Collection by: YoshieMaster
Don't Starve Things And Stuff.
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: Ainweian
Good mods I've tried out, most balanced, some to be used with discretion. The goal is to make the game more playable and in some cases more comfortably farmable.
dont starve
Collection by: larsprins
Collection by: HeNrY
Don't Starve
Collection by: zeenglish08
Collection by: Author#2
Don't starve Mods
Collection by: troyisepic
Don't Starve
Collection by: Jolderon
I don't know how this works..
Fire Cat!! Aww YA
Collection by: Mr Ouphe
This is a great mod because the fire cat may start fire next to flammable objects.. This is my first mod so if there is any problems please let me know.... Hope it works and hope u guys enjoy!! sanity::125 hunger::245 heart::150 Good luck ...
Don't Starve mod
Collection by: Saiavinn
Nothing special. Just mods I find practical for everyday use, or ones that I can use for a different experience.
Balanced mods
Collection by: Spaghetti Yeti
Mods that make the game nicer, but don't make it easy.
Best Character Mods
Collection by: Juggernaut915
Hey there, This is a collection of the (in my oppinion) best character mods that took a LOT of time and really add sth special to the game. Just press the sub all button and you will have some new great characters to play with :) NOTE: Collection st...
Mostly cosmetic Don't Starve mods.
Collection by: FlyingFoX
Einige kosmetische mods für Don't Starve. Leichte Beeinflussung des Spiels durch den Backpack mod, der es ermöglicht Rucksack und Rüstung gleichzeitig zu tragen.
Don't Starve Collection
Collection by: nelson.erink
Don't Starve Skins
Collection by: eyra.t
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