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StarMaid's Lil' Big Bundle of Mods
Collection by StarMaid
My personal mod collection that I'm making for my friends to subscribe to for when multiplayer comes out. Feel free to download it if you like.
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by beauxslim
Madmaneaters Dont Starve
Collection by Madmaneater
dis one
Collection by HYODO__JP__
----MODリスト---- (アップデートにより、一部MOD名やコンフィグ画面の有無が異なる場合があります。) <MODを使用する際、入れておくとストレスフリーになるMOD> Manual Workshop Update  MO...
Basic Mod kit
Collection by frano9191
A little pack of mods for the newbies players
Modded DS
Collection by Sh'Dynasty
My Modded Don't Starve
Man, Too Good.
Collection by zaka888
too gud m890
luke and ethan
Collection by Mindless Films
boom boom booooooom
Vanilla DS Enhancements
Collection by Razorskills
This a is a good group of mods for enhancing the base game to be the same game, but better.
Dint Sterv
Collection by Large Raisin
A collection of good things for don't Starve that heavily adjust gameplay
dont starve
Collection by ZackSkater.exe
Collection by 89cheerfulevil
Big Money, Big Women, Big Fun!
Lore-Friendly Mods Compilation
Collection by Tony Slark
Für Mau
Collection by k.haoz
Für meine Freundin :D
Crafting + (ROG Compatible)
Collection by PenguinEye
More things to craft. This collection is a WIP and since I've been adding more things I still have to go back and check the compatibility.
Don't Starve Modding
Collection by Jasper
Collection by JöAzys
Fixes and Tweaks
Collection by Jasper
Fixes and tweaks for Don't Starve.
New Starving
Collection by ZeĐ
In my collection there are usable mods which are improving gamestyle. I hope i wrote this good, my eng is not very good
Don't Starve Furry :3
Collection by ๖FoxSerito
Furry characters
DS Super Ultimate Modded Survival (A.K.A DSSUMS)
Collection by Shotgun
A mod pack made for only the most extreme DS players, and a side note, a few mods may only be compatible with RoG so you may need to disable those.
Scoot Survives! :D
Collection by [DFS] Scootbumps
Don't Starve
Collection by Phoenix Rising
Don't starve
Collection by syakkuri
DST too. all modder thanks for many bug fix. thx..thx...!
Some Collection
Collection by Ivyx Blacksun (2)
Mods i use.
Don't Starve
Collection by △Hróðvitnir▽
Collection by DarkRedLion
First Collection for Don't Starve for me.
Don't Starve Mods[2]
Collection by Lil'Buggem
Just messing around with various mods.
endlessly entertaining sandbox mode
Collection by motherhoodlum
I added dozens of mods to keep playing in sandbox mode endlessly entertaining! Provides a lot more variety for long term stays, plus modifies resources for better collecting and building a mighty camp.
User Interface +
Collection by Antagonist
PART OF THE 'WORK IN PROGRESS' "Don't Starve +" COLLECTIONS I've created this collection simply because I find it boring to go through the clicking of some buttons and making sure I have the good interface mods before playing the game. This does not...
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