Don't Starve
Customize your wilderness adventure!
Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to survive in the wilderness, or create new challenges for yourself and others. Click here to learn more and get started!
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Adventure Pack
Collection by: mcdrummer6522
This pack will bring only the best mods that add exciting adventure to don't starve!
No crash pack :D 23.10.2013
Collection by: tetkris
Few utilities mods , only mods which no crash don't starve game for update "All's Well that Maxwell" . This is very tested modpack
Starvation Pack
Collection by: Tacon8r!
Helpful Stuff 4 Not Dying!
Collection of Dont Starve
Collection by: -hg- Ellipse
This is a Collection of mods FOR DONT STARVE
Bdiz4Shiz's Grand Scheme
Collection by: Bdiz4Shiz
The mods that work best, and add what is missing in don't starve. I like to focus on character specialization (starting items), world and gameplay refinement (dawn, always on stats, ect.), as well as adding craftables that should have always been craft...
The best mods of Dont starve
Collection by: The Wild Tootis
Idk if theas mods work togter but ther all qutie fun.
A Don't Starve Mod Pack
Collection by: Lok2
Just my favorites, no need to judge. Adds a lot of extra content to your game!
Mes Mods
Collection by: opino72
Mes mods Don't Starve
Collection by: priness dark wolf
Spunky's Compatible Mod's Collection!
Collection by: kSTEELE
A list of compatible mods that extremely improve gameplay. With this pack i try to stay true to the original Don't Starve feel. This pack is for seasoned players that want to improve gameplay without destroying the experience. Please, if you have su...
Don't Shit Your Pants
Collection by: Disco
Flame Cat
Collection by: Mr Ouphe
this is my first mod. if it doesn't work let me know. it should have the ability to burn down flammable items if you want hunger::215 sanity::125 heart::150 This mod might not work.. do NOT be surprised if it doesn't work
My Mods Collection
Collection by: Rize
too lazy to write this describe
Starve 1
Collection by: Shidar
Набор самого необходимого и лучшего
jacob dis one
Collection by: St.Jimmy
dis one
Adding to the vannila feel~
Collection by: [BB] Mask The Infamous Hobo
This collection adds to the vannilla feel for dontstarve... it dont make game easier and dont make it harder note wulfe plus should only be activated if your going to play wulfe. note the always on status dont work with mod charecters note I thin...
Anomen077 Serie de mods
Collection by: Anomen77
Collection by: Willis_Mcfoton
This is for me if you want to try it out go a head
Don't Starve Collection
Collection by: A Shiny Mew
Don't Starve Stuff
Don't Starve
Collection by: Crystal
Here are some mods, items, characters and other stuff that i chose. Have fun :D
Collection by: EnderDoesGaming
All The Mods I Use In My Heavily Modded Don't Starve, With MANY New Characters To Choose From And Many New Ways To Survive, At One Point This Modpack Might Actually Make It Considered More Living Than Surviving, Enjoy. A LOT of Time Went Into Making This...
Don't Starve content pack
Collection by: Modesto Perera
Yo dont starve
Collection by: Robert Tucano Espiral do Espaço
WackyModder84's Don't Starve Mods Collection
Collection by: WackyModder84
These are the mods that I currently use on Don't Starve. If anyonne wants to get the same game experience as I do, feel free to try em out. =)
Chez- Burglur's Collection
Collection by: ☼Chez-Burglur☼
Collection by: nick_deleon77
Don't Spy
Collection by: Spy's Fappin Mah Sentry
Don't Starve
Collection by: Derkaherpderp
For character mods
Info and HUD mods, vanilla-like gameplay
Collection by: TheKolega
Lightweight mod pack, trying to get a vanilla gameplay experience, without the need to browse for recipes/values. No mods that add items, item slots or characters, just informative, HUD and build aid mods.
Dont Starve
Collection by: dendae1055
Dont Starve Collection
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