Don't Starve
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Don't Starve - Convenience Set
Collection by: A magical bird named Tim
This is a collection of mods for Don't Starve, not for cheating purposes or new characters, but to make the game more convenient to play.
My test
Collection by: Misa Gavriilu
MY personal start
Collection by: Misa Gavriilu
Just a test
Don't kawaï
Collection by: Antowar[r]ior
Info and HUD mods, vanilla-like gameplay
Collection by: TheKolega
Lightweight mod pack, trying to get a vanilla gameplay experience, without the need to browse for recipes/values. No mods that add items, item slots or characters, just informative, HUD and build aid mods.
Don't Starve
Collection by: Jolderon
I don't know how this works..
Don't starve Mods
Collection by: troyisepic
Collection by: Author#2
PoopSak_s Dont Starve Collection
Collection by: PoopSak_
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