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Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to survive in the wilderness, or create new challenges for yourself and others. Click here to learn more and get started!
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Don't Starve mods (Non-OP)
Collection by: The People's Champ
These are mods that give a slight advantage to the game, but not as much to take away the difficulty of the game.
Collection by: Senhor Levi
Collection by: Tobachi
Don't Starve Basics
Collection by: The_Boar
Just my basic "Don't Starve" mod collection. One could say it is my essential mod load order ;)
SwedishBox: Don't Starve
Collection by: SwedishDefender
Offical SwedishDefender and Swedish Defender stuff.
Things I helped out with a bit one time
Collection by: Lizardead
Waverly is self explanatory, it shows you my role. In U&A, I was a writer, but due to my being ten, I was kicked out. I'm now testing the mod for them to help 'em out.
Awesome mods
Collection by: Crystal_Roses
For all the Don't Starve mods I love most
More good stuff
Collection by: King Bowser Koopa
Good mods that does not affect gameplay much. The mods are not made by me. More stuff will be added when I see moar stuff that are both good and...good. Not going to add character mods even if they are good.
Collection by: hononoou
Wallabee's DS
Collection by: Extian_wallabee
My personal collection of mods that I like to use.
Realistik Don't Starve Mods (I think so)
Collection by: Hillankey
I think that these modifications realistik. (Translated to English by Google)
Dont Starve Character
Collection by: thefoxden43
Satori Komeiji
Collection by: Kasen Ibaraki
Collection by: squiraya
for making art in your world
Collection by: motariz
if you are bored of survival and want to make some awesome bases or artwork... these mods will help you with it.
Don't Fart
Collection by: Akemi
DLC workshop Don't Starve.
Don't starve
Collection by: arsenicCatnip
Dont starve
Collection by: CCW_Mrogo
Dont Starve Collection #1#
Collection by: DemonCatRukasu
Collection by: prospector607
this is it
HUD mods
Collection by: Pike Slayer
Dont Starve
Collection by: Emoomoo
Collection by: Reddie
Better Vanilla Collection
Collection by: Klasnarock
Are you looking for the perfect survival experience? Ever found yourself in a situation where you need appropriate navigation? Ever need a surplus of food? Ever want to mod the hell out of a game without ruining the core experience? Well, this collection ...
Collection by: Meeku's Flying Cake Town
Dont starve
Collection by: FulanoDeTal
Mod's de Utilidade - Dont'Starve
Collection by: slimesaur
Mod's de utilidade para Dont'Starve.
Dont Starve
Collection by: MrRafton
Just A Simple Dont Starve Collecion
Mods used in TheMM00s3's Don't Starve Modded Playthrough.
Collection by: TheMM00s3
These are the mods that I choose to use for my Modded playthrough. I do not own any of the following mods, they belong to there respective owners so please go and subscribe to there mods and support the wonderful people who made them ^-^ Here is my Playt...
Don't Starve base collection
Collection by: -=KeK=-THE FLEXICAN
hi hi hi hi hehehehe :3
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