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Things I helped out with a bit one time
Collection by: Lizardead
Waverly is self explanatory, it shows you my role. In U&A, I was a writer, but due to my being ten, I was kicked out. I'm now testing the mod for them to help 'em out.
More good stuff
Collection by: King Bowser Koopa
Good mods that does not affect gameplay much. The mods are not made by me. More stuff will be added when I see moar stuff that are both good and...good. Not going to add character mods even if they are good.
Awesome mods
Collection by: Crystal_Roses
For all the Don't Starve mods I love most
Cozy Camp
Collection by: SecretBadger13
A collection of mods (none of which are mine) that I feel have to do with making a cozy village/camp/place to live in your Don't Starve experience! I have also added "Map Revealer", "Mini Tools", "Too Many Items", and "Infinite Tools" for the people who ...
My test
Collection by: Misa Gavriilu
MY personal start
Collection by: Misa Gavriilu
Just a test
Don't Starve - Convenience Set
Collection by: Big Bruda Timi
This is a collection of mods for Don't Starve, not for cheating purposes or new characters, but to make the game more convenient to play.
Easy Science!
Collection by: Ham™
Just a small collection of mods I use.
Don't Starve Stuff
Collection by: Daedalus423 know... stuff
Collection by: Rileypotts1
Dont Starve
Collection by: Shyguy6b4g
Dont Starve Mod's
Don't Starve Colleciont
Collection by: nocturnaltydavis
Not quite Pyro mod
Jono Krukov's Collection
Collection by: Jono
Jono Krukov's Collection
Collection by: smelly monkey
good survaival mods
Geoff's Fav Mods
Collection by: Geoff
A collection to make the game a bit easier. Think Sims, with meat-stabbing! This list is mostly made to help out my friends.
Collection by: tiniro
Hairless Goat
Collection by: Charleston
Collection by: Erenjaeger13
not intrusiv mod
Collection by: el_poyo_tito
Dont Starve Collection #1#
Collection by: DemonCatRukasu
My survival enhnacer
Collection by: ☠ 4rg4n ☠
a collection of mods ment to make the game last a bit longer with some of the better mod players.
Don't starve stuff bruh
Collection by: Hmm_Seems_Legit
Mods that I want to save without being subscribed to them
Collection by: Poophouse Larry
see title
butterking pack
Collection by: edhooten
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: TheFlyingDutchman
Funzoids Pack
Collection by: FezHoof [Kermo]
Mods To Make The Game More Fun!!!
Game Balance Collection
Collection by: Monkey Magic
Just a collection of Mods I use to make the game a little more fun and interesting while still keeping it balanced. My thanks in advance to all the great Modders who keep adding to and improving the game ^^
Don't Starve Mods I like (& work together)
Collection by: arulane
This is a collection of mods that make the game a little easier. And they all work together, or did as of the last time I updated this, since I plan on keeping the list updated for myself as well as anyone else who uses it. Some of the mods may say outdat...
Don't Starve Mods : Real life experience
Collection by: DemKy
A Collection Of Don't Starve Mods Real Life experience ! Classic mods for a classic experience. I will edit this link soon, i'm testing some mods. Informations : DisplayFoodValues : Everybody know the food value IRL : Mod aproved. Auto...
Don't Starve Characters
Collection by: VP | Fresh Breezy
Mods of multiple playable characters you can choose from in Don't Starve.
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