Don't Starve
Customize your wilderness adventure!
Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to survive in the wilderness, or create new challenges for yourself and others. Click here to learn more and get started!
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For Darek
Collection by: TheFuncooker
by theFunCooker
My subscribed mods collection
Collection by: Dager474
Mods that I use for Don't Starve better experience.
The Ultimate RPG Expeirence
Collection by: Weeee12100
This makes the game more like an RPG, meaning RPG mods so you know what to do!
dont starve
Collection by: reilly_brandon
Don't Starve Addon
Collection by: arcwolf500
This is just a list for those who want these Addon's. I take no credit for making them. They are awesome mods. (Including Satori herself)
Dont starve
Collection by: mrogo
Mysterys and Monsters
Collection by: Ultron1000(Jv)
A collection that (quite plainly) has mods with, well, mysterys and monsters! Getting more serious, this collection is aimed to people who want don't starve to be both harder and easier at the same time. Simple!
Collection by: BAKA-Yo
all you need for the best experience
Good DS Characters
Collection by: [EVL] ѤĦ₭ѦƦĪ
My personal suggestions for stellar custom Don't Starve Characters. Criteria: must be unique from stock character choices, name must begin with W, custom art must fit with DS look and feel.
Don't Starve with ease...
Collection by: Nightmere
This is just a random collection of mods that i use, these mods are for an easy but not too easy game...
Don't Starve +++
Collection by: Npl
After playing don't starve for hours I decided to start a new world, only spice it up a bit with a few mods!
Don't Starve +
Collection by: Npl
These mods make for a more fun version of don't starve. Expanded inventory, faster chopping, map reveal and more!
Collection by: Whitey Westside
Don't Starve mods (Non-OP)
Collection by: Grand Master Yoda
These are mods that give a slight advantage to the game, but not as much to take away the difficulty of the game.
Crafting + (ROG Compatible)
Collection by: PenguinEye
More things to craft.
Occasions/Themes & Seasons
Collection by: PenguinEye
Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Thanksgiving etc.
Don't Starve Collection
Collection by: nelson.erink
Don't Starve Skins
Collection by: eyra.t
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