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Download, share, and rate custom objects that you and others have created! Let your imagination run wild in the Object Editor, and then show the community what you've made. Or use other people's creations for new, imaginative puzzle solutions.
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Half Life 2
Collection by: Metro
This colection is with Half Life 2 items to Scriblenauts Unlimited. Have fun with my items! :)
The 4 Star Hoover
Collection by: Heliocentric
If i see something with 4 stars and seemingly lacking "offensive" content I add it... Expect lots of awesome and lots of nonsense.
Collection by: Detri
Characters/objects/anything from the bullet hell game series Touhou (if you made something and it's not here then lemme know)
My Little Scribblenauts
Collection by: [HONOR] AtomicToast
Working subtitle would be "Starites are Magic." Might as well make a collection of the tons of inevitable pony stuff that's flowing in.
Collection by: ExE Boss
Everything Stargate related
Bounty hunters and rare item collectors welcome!
Collection by: Noletroid
Hehehe! I wanted to make my own item store a long time ago, and this is MY chance to make it, and YOURS to take it! Here you can find a bunch of items for a bounty hunter, or just nifty item collectors. Screenshots of some of the items can be found here...
Skyward Sword in Scribblenauts Unlimited
Collection by: Stickburner
Skyward Sword in Scribblenauts Unlimited
My Skylanders
Collection by: heroqd
Im showing you guys my Skylander collection i think there should be more skylanders in the Scribblenauts Unilmited Workshop. Ninjini was made by Portal_King not me so check him out
Vlog Brothers
Collection by: ModestLaw
A collection of Items for Scribblenauts Unlimited for Nerdfighters! DFTBA
Realistic Dinosaur collection
Collection by: [KOC]Coelurosaur
The dinosaurs in scribblenauts are not all that realistic, that is were I come in. I try to find the most realistic dinosaurs out there for your convenience.
Fire Emblem
Collection by: Beater
Are you a fan of Fire Emblem? Here I'll try to collect all the Fire Emblem characters. I'll update it regularly. Ask for characters and I'll try to make them.
Resident evil 4
Collection by: Specals
Hello! I am sooo sorry for everyone who enjoyed these Resident Evil items although I had to remove them all because of the limit of things I can publish to the Scribblenauts Unlimited workshop. I do believe everyone who has downloaded them before I remved...
Doctor Who: The Doctors
Collection by: Specals
This is a sub-collection of the massive Doctor Who collection created by me. I hope these sub-collections will be useful to all of you wonderful Whovian fans, and that it will make it easier to navigate. This collection consists of the many forms of T...
Collection by: TheInternets
Scribbles of the North Star!
more realistic dinosaurs
Collection by: toddmatt99
a collection of my more realistic scribblenauts dinosaurs ,so you dont have to subscribe to them one by one
Doctor Who: The Companions
Collection by: Specals
This is a sub-collection of the massive Doctor Who collection created by me. I hope these sub-collections will be useful to all of you wonderful Whovian fans, and that it will make it easier to navigate. This collection consists of the many companions...
Lets Go To The Movies
Collection by: eD_Nort
Movie Inspired Creations
Left 4 Dead
Collection by: Joseph
Like Left 4 Dead? Like Scribblenauts? Well now you can combine them both! Have Zoey, Francis, Louis, and Bill help Maxwell fight off the undead hoard!
TF2 Items
Collection by: Rhapzody
Just some TF2 items I have made.
Street Fighter
Collection by: Marshy
All things Street Fighter related.
LEGO Scribbleverse
Collection by: Pyro
Just a collection to Compile all of My LEGO Universe Items so far, I'll also be checking the workshop for any other LEGO Universe/LEGO themes objects to put here.
Black Mesa Reseach Facility equipment
Collection by: Muskottah
I will include all interesting items that people create that are found in the Half-Life games by Valve Software. A reminder to all Black Mesa personnel: regular radiation and biohazard screenings are a requirement of continued employment in the Black M...
Thlack's Superheros and the Likes
Collection by: Thlack
This collection is for all the superheros, supervillians, or anything superhero related that I make in Scribblenauts. Usually I try to make unique thing characters that you otherwise can't find on the Steam Workshop unless you want me to make something el...
Star Fox Collection
Collection by: AwesomeGuy
Various custom objects based on Nintendo's Star Fox series. (Please don't copy my work without giving me credit.)
Collection by: Rayze Darr
Just a compilation of all of my creations from the Banjo-Kazooie universe.
Myths and Legends
Collection by: Riptor00ZERO
A selection of items from various myths, legends, and folklore (that aren't already in the game).
Scribblenauts Unlimited 1
Collection by: fooni101
Scribblenauts Unlimited: Strike Witches
Collection by: Jatts
Characters from my favorite anime, Strike Witches! Now in Scribblenauts Unlimited.
A Herd of Yoshis
Collection by: Inebriated Moose
All 10 Yoshi colors created by me. The difference between this and an adjective? Mainly the shoe colors which were taken from the most commonly used colors in the games. All Yoshis are rideable, fairly fast, and make a whistle sound similar to their sad/p...
neoroland's botkiller head collection
Collection by: Neoroland
a collection of botkiller heads. custom botkiller heads designed by me will be marked "CUSTOM" in the description.
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