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The Happy Mask Collection
Collection by: Kangashark
We deal in masks that bring happiness to everyone! How would you like to be a happiness salesman? I'll lend you a mask. These are all the wearable masks found in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask! You can wear them, and most of them have appropriate ...
Dark Souls: Prepare to Scribble Collection
Collection by: Ejaculation Otter
The best version of every Dark Souls Item/ Character I could find, surely I have missed things so if you know I forgot something please tell me.
Wizard's toolkit
Collection by: Rickard
Everything an aspiring wizard or sorcerer needs.
Collection by: sqigly
All good things zelda from me and other good creators
Things that are Essential to Download
Collection by: Blue
Things that should be in the game but are not. These show good: ~Creativity ~Humor ~Skill ~Use Tell me if you want me to add your items!
For The Fans: Part 1
Collection by: DeadlyShoc
Starting with the classics I'll be hitting y'all with loads of Pokemon in collections. Here's a First look at what i have in store.
Collection by: The 42nd Power
This is a collection of all my Futurama creations for Scribblenauts! See each individual character for description. Leave a note for any additional suggestions! Current characters in it are: Fry Leela Bender Hermes Conrad Amy Wong The Pro...
Collection by: dogsonofawolf
All the different superheroes I could find! No longer curated, so sorry if it's missing some. NOTE: Some entries have been deleted by their owners.
PAYDAY Characters
Collection by: Just_Diman
There are such characters as: Dallas, Wolf, Hoxton, Chains.
For The Fans: Part 4
Collection by: DeadlyShoc
The Fourth Installment in my For The Fans Pokemon Collections
Collection by: TheSourCandy
Portal Stuff
The Legend Of Zelda Collection
Collection by: Dark Mewtwo
This is a collection of made up of items created by me and other creators. This collection is made to contain lots of things from the Legend of Zelda. If you feel something is missing feel free to ask for it, and i will do my best to make it or if someone...
Katawa Shoujo
Collection by: [SPQR] Emperor Maxentius
Any KS-themed items in Scribblenauts.
Viking's LOTR Collection
Collection by: The Viking God
This is a collection of my Lord of the Rings creations.Hope you enjoy
League of Legends
Collection by: Soviet Missile
A collection of characters and possibly items from Riots smash hit, League of Legends.
For The Fans: Part 3
Collection by: DeadlyShoc
My Favorite Pokemon Reigon of all time biggest collection so far enjoy :)
Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Collection
Collection by: AndrewOverload519
A collection featuring all of the canon Doctors, from William Hartnell to Matt Smith, bringing them all together in Scribblenauts Unlimited for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary. A must for any die-hard Whovian! BBC, DOCTOR WHO, DALEK and TARDIS (word mark...
Ace Attorney Collection
Collection by: TUKAN SAM [2098]
All of your favorite Ace Attorney characters in one collection!
Dragon ball Z
Collection by: Heart of fire
A collection of Dragon ball Z characters that I"ll be making.
All Generations Poke-madness
Collection by: Noletroid
Just a little project i had the urge of making, with the best of the best Pokemon from various creators. You can see my current Pokemon FireRed team in the background. *WE'RE ADDING OTHER REGION POKEMON* Wanna help out finish this AWESOME ObejctDex? S...
Doctor Who: The Enemies
Collection by: Specals
This is a sub-collection of the massive Doctor Who collection created by me. I hope these sub-collections will be useful to all of you wonderful Whovian fans, and that it will make it easier to navigate. This collection consists of the many enemies of...
DoTA 2 collection
Collection by: sc1ph3r
A collection of heroes and items from the wonderful PC game DoTA 2. Specifically tailor made for those moments for when you're not playing DoTA, but still want Scribblenauts to have that DoTA feel. That or you want to see how many stabs its takes riki to ...
Axe Cop Scribblenauts
Collection by: zombiworkshop
Does your game need more AXECOP? Of course it does... :)
Rapture's Finest
Collection by: Salazan
I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture. A city where the artist would not fear the censor. Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality. Where the great would not be constrained by the small. And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can be...
Viking's Portal collection
Collection by: The Viking God
This is a collection of portal. i was bored, so i made this. it has some things i made of portal. its not alot, but for me they came out good. Enjoy!
My little pony
Collection by: ☣Kobe Bean Bryant☣Basketball
This has mlp stuff
Scribble Park
Collection by: BestInSlot
A collection that aims to recreate Jurassic Park in Scribblenauts Unlimited, one character, one dinosaur, one mangled jeep at a time. To see the videos detailing the making of these creations, check this Youtube playlist;
World of Warcraft
Collection by: Subzero
World of warcraft characters!!
Collection by: Grofter
A mix of characters from the various Batman games and movies.
Awesome Pokémon Collection
Collection by: AwesomeGuy
Various custom objects based on Nintendo's Pokémon series. (Please don't copy my work without giving me credit.)
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