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Staffs of Legend
Collection by: King Totodile
This is a collection of staffs that are imbued with magical powers by the wizards of old. Use the staffs to your own discretion.
the millionare mod
Collection by: dtomb
be a millionare with all this money
the tank mod
Collection by: dtomb
lots lots of tanks for scribble nauts unlimited now if you want more mods friend me
Collection by: Phyco
This is a collection I made for FNAF and FNAF2, more charactars will be coming soon!
Dollar Dollar Bill Colection
Collection by: Plumgum
Gold things and cash money (in progress
Advanced Future Military
Collection by: -=<뉉implodedBRAINS™뉉>=-
my group of cool futury weapons and veichles with sas: army npc with extra speed and health dog mech: faster than the mech with less gun flying mech: cool mech witch is slower than the original but can fly and has a powerful gun ultragun: char...
lucky stuff mod
Collection by: dtomb
lots of lucky stuff
How To Train Your Dragon
Collection by: Mr.Hungry
Stuff from how to train your dragon 1 and 2
Neo's Elemental Swords
Collection by: NeoRetro10K
A set of legendary blades based on different elements or aspects of nature. Each sword has special effects when attacking and dropping. CURRENT ELEMENTS: - Wildfyre (Fire/Flame) - Northwynd (Cold/Ice/Wind) - Thunderstryke (Lightning/Electricity) - ...
Collection by: toddmatt99
A collection of GODZILLA monsters and GODZILLA through the years from 1954 to 2014 .
Viking's Five Nights at Freddy's Collection
Collection by: The Viking God
These are some of the creations I made from the horror game Five Nights At Freddy's. Enjoy!
Awesome Nintendo Collection
Collection by: AwesomeGuy
Custom characters from Nintendo's various franchises. (Remember, reposting edits of other people's work without giving them credit is stealing!)
Commander's Team Fortress 2 Collection
Collection by: The Lord of the Spook
My Collection of Characters, Weapons, Hats and more from VaLVE's hit game Team Fortress 2. I have reached the maximum uploads for Scribblenauts, I have made all of the classes and more, but I can't upload them quite yet.
The Yogscast Cast
Collection by: Zozo
The official collection of Yogscast cast members, now in your Scribblenauts! Yogglenauts! Featured first on Zoey's channel @ Updated every weekend with a new member!
Cyaneus' Little Ponies
Collection by: Cyaneus
Various characters from the reboot of Hasbro's My Little Pony. They all display behaviors that reflect their character on the show. If you want to use these ponies as a base for your OC, go for it. A link back would be cool. Feel free to suggest cha...
Doctor Who
Collection by: Specals
This is a collection of creations I have made based on Doctor Who. I think it's about time we recreate Doctor Who episodes in Scribblenauts! Please leave a like and a comment. every like motivates me to make more! " in nine hundred years of time a...
Pride's MLP: Scribblenauts is Magic pack
Collection by: Pride
a pack of creations in scribblenauts all related to my little pony: friendship is magic all ponies and creatures contained within have special interactions with objects. included in the pack: Applejack Rarity Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie Rainbow D...
Commander's Minecraft Collection
Collection by: The Lord of the Spook
My collection of characters, mobs, and items from the world famous indie game, Minecraft!
The Legend of Zelda
Collection by: AwesomeGuy
Various custom objects based on Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series. (Remember, reposting edits of other people's work without giving them credit is stealing!)
Algebraic! Adventure Time collection
Collection by: Salazan
Adventure Time is an animated television series created by Pendleton Ward and produced by Frederator Studios. The series is about a boy named Finn and a twenty-eight year-old, magical dog named Jake who encounter many strange adventures in the Land of Ooo...
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: Divvers
Just a collection for TF2-themed things. I haven't played Scribblenauts in a while, so it's unlikely I'll add anything. I'd look for another collection, if I were you.
Zach's Pokemans
Collection by: DeadlyShoc
My Pokemon Creations From my WiiU Scribblenauts
Payday: The Heist Collection
Collection by: Christmuzzles
A collection of Payday the Heist objects I made! Includes: Dallas Hoxton Wolf Chains Cloaker (That attacks the robbers) Medic bag (Working) Ammo Bag (Working) Trip Mine Stryk Pistol BS9 Pistol Alex the Pilot NEW: (16/7/13) Special cops u...
Commander's Walking Dead Collection
Collection by: The Lord of the Spook
My collection of characters from the action-horror tv series The Walking Dead.
Commader's VaLVE Collection
Collection by: The Lord of the Spook
My collection of characters, items, and more from VaVLE's games such as Portal, Half Life, and Left 4 Dead. For Team Fortress 2 items see here:
Star Wars
Collection by: PooP_Ballz
Thought I would make a Star Wars collection. It is not that I want one, it is because there needs to be one. If you have a creation that is not in my collection, or you think your creation is better than an existing one, please let me know in the comments...
Assassin's Creed
Collection by: thomas
charaters from assassin's creed
Commander's Nintendo Collection
Collection by: The Lord of the Spook
My collection of characters, items, and more from Nintendo's hit games such as Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and Pokemon.
Collection by: Battora
All of the digimon that I made.
Awesome Marvel Collection
Collection by: AwesomeGuy
Scribblenauts versions of characters/objects from the Marvel Universe. (Remember, reposting edits of other people's work without giving them credit is stealing!)
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